We should be there for others as much as we can without bringing undue stress to our lives. Give when we can, as much as we can, whether that is time, money, or other resources. In Matthew 25:40 Jesus tells us, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these you did for me.” The more we help others the easier it gets for us to live in God’s will. Because that is a part of his will for our lives. We are called to be His hands and feet. This helps us to become less selfish and by extension focus less on our wants and more on our needs to get where God wants us to be. That is living in agreement with God. Also we need to live with less judgment for others. We never truly know someone’s story. Even if we did we are called to love, not judge.
Look, we all stumble and fall sometimes. We all will need the grace and forgiveness of a Savior and others at some points in our lives. Being perfect is not required to live for God.  Heck, He used some pretty imperfect people in the Bible didn’t He? Rehab, she was a prostitute. She was used by God to hide Israelite spies so that the king of Jericho could not harm them. Later God used her to contribute to the lineage of Jesus. David was an adulterer and murderer. And we know that after a few interesting events, God made him king. He was also used in the lineage of Jesus.  And Matthew a tax collector was chosen as one of Jesus’ disciples.  And tax collectors then were known to be very dishonest people, cheating people out of their money. There are many other instances in the Bible of God using sinners to do amazing things. This is not an okay to go out and commit sins on purpose because we know we will be forgiven, but it does show s that no matter what we have done in our past, God still can have amazing plans for us. Once we repent and decide to live for Him, our sins are no longer remembered by Him.
He doesn’t need perfect people, He just needs willing ones. Are you willing? Are you ready to dive into Gods word? Are you ready to talk to Him and share all your fears, hopes, and dreams? Are you ready and willing to love others as Jesus did…the way He loves all of us, with no conditions?  Are you ready and willing to pray for others, even those that have hurt you? Are you ready and willing to be a life lived for God? If you are, get ready! God has some amazing things in store for you! Just don’t be alarmed if the road is not a smooth one. The road to greatness rarely is! Let’s get out there and live our best life!

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