Just Have Faith…

IMG_3213Ever heard this before “You just got to have faith.” If you had more faith you wouldn’t worry so much.” And to a certain degree as a believer I believe that. But I’m not just a believer, I’m also human. And when people say things like that I feel I’m failing God. Like because I’m dealing with legit human emotions, God will be angry with me. Or things won’t work out because I just can’t muster up enough faith. Have you ever been there? Dealing with your more than average “stuff” and people who mean well say these things to you. Have they ever left you feeling worse than you did before. For me it does. Like great, now I have to deal with my legit human emotions but also I’m a bad believer with not enough faith. Great! Well in my reading the last couple weeks I’m learning that those who walked with Jesus had faith issues. And not just walked with Him, but did this during His miracles. They saw them first hand. They were even given power by Jesus to do some miracles themselves. And even they had trouble in the faith department. Just look at Peter in Matthew 14:26-32. Peter is able to do something no one but Jesus had done, he walked on water. In fact while he was living out a miracle his faith wavered. In 14:31 Jesus says to him, “Oh you of little faith, why did you doubt?” But Jesus still gets Peter to the boat as he began to sank. And the winds ceased. (14:32) Read a little further in Matthew 16:8 and again Jesus says to them “Oh you of little faith, why do you reason among yourselves because you have brought no bread?” Here the disciples were doubting because they had no bread with them. This was after watching Jesus perform not one but two miracles involving making bread appear where there was none. (Multiplied to make much much more than was there.) And they still doubted. Read a little further and we read in Matthew 17:15-20 where a man comes up to Jesus and asks him to cure his son who has epilepsy. Jesus rebuked the demon out of him. (17:18)After the disciples asked Jesus “Why couldn’t we cast him out?” Jesus replied “Because of your unbelief.” (17:20)
Friends these men were hand picked by Jesus to be His disciples, to do great things with Him, through Him, and even after he was gone to continue the work. And here are 3 examples of them wavering in their faith. Jesus did not leave them. He did not say go get your faith, come back, and then I’ll help you. And He doesn’t say the same to us. Yes as believers we are called to have faith. In fact in Matthew Jesus tells us if we have faith the size of a mustard seed mountains will be moved for us. Faith is very important. But I never want you feeling hopeless because someone says the same old line “Just have faith and it will all work out.” I want you to remember that you are human and you are dealing with very complex human emotions during your hard times. And that if those who walked with Jesus were still saved and used after wavering faith, so can you. So can I. ❤

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