IMG_3471.PNGIs a positive spin always necessary? Can’t we as people just be allowed to be hurt, scared, or angry for a season? Not forever, but for the time necessary to properly feel and grieve whatever it is we are grieving. You know without someone saying things like “well you dodged a bullet if you ask me”, or “things work out the way they are supposed to.” Meanwhile You might be using every bit of energy you have just to get out of bed. Telling me I’m better off in this moment is useless, pointless, and hurtful. We should be allowed to feel all our feelings good and bad without others telling us whether we should or shouldn’t.
If you’ve been told those things, making you feel like you should be thankful for the hurt cause it was best for you somehow, I’m sorry. I know how frustrating that can be. Please hear me now, you have every right to feel whatever it is you are right now. You are allowed to scream, cry, throw a tantrum, or whatever it is you do to let out your overwhelming feelings right now. (Within reason of course.)  And you are allowed to do that for as long as you want to. We do not want to stay there, and will eventually need to move forward. But that’s not what this post is about. This is about owning our grief, and not letting anyone else dictate how, where, and when we display it. They mean well, but sometimes we just have to politely ask them to stop saying well meaning cliches, and just let us feel what we feel. Oh and take all that yelling, anger, frustration, and grief to God. He can take it! And He wants it! He will in time help you and show you where to go next. Like I say a lot, get in His word everyday, even just 5 to 10 minutes a day. Pray a lot, being completely honest when you do. He already knows how you feel anyway. Ask Him for wisdom and what you may need to learn from this experience. Then don’t try and do life alone. Lean on those who truly care. ❤ #livingyourbestlife

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