Dear Left Hand…

IMG_3497I was sitting there one day and looked down at my left hand. My empty no ring on it left hand, and I stated to cry. It was then a thought hit me “write a letter to your left hand. Release it from this expectation you put on it to make you happy. So I did. This is very personal to me. It’s my very private thoughts. But I share it because I know I can’t be the only one who looks down at an empty left hand sometimes and wishes it were different. Whether you’ve never been engaged, engaged but the wedding didn’t happen, or married but now divorced or a spouse died and you finally removed your ring. I think we all can feel a certain way sometimes about our ringless left hand. I suggest you write your own letter. It helped me. Here is mine.
“My dear left hand… First I want to say sorry for thinking you were not good enough just as you are. I’m sorry for looking at you in disgust only seeing all that is not in my life. I’m sorry for thinking you were plain and lonely simply because you were without a ring. I want to change that starting now.
Staring now I want to see you as the strong capable hand you are. I want to see you as perfect just as you are because you are mine. I want to use you to do great things, instead of as a reason to cry or feel less than. I want to use you to build others up, instead of looking at you and tearing myself down. You left hand deserve better than I have shown you throughout the years. No longer do I want to look down at you and feel anger, dissatisfaction, or disappointment. But see a hand that is enough all on its own, and so is the woman it’s connected to. Thank you left hand for all you do! I love you just as you are.
Moving forward I promise to give all I have to stop wanting to change you and simply appreciate you. Just as you are.”
If you feel any way similar to the way I do, release your left hand today. Allow yourself to see it can do instead of what it does or does not represent to you. I truly believe taking back our power starts with releasing our left hand and ourselves. If you need help, Go to God, ask Him to show you just how to let go and move on. ❤

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