The Problem With Goodbye…

IMG_3593As I’m about to say goodbye to this fun mini vacay with family, I can’t help but think of goodbyes. And how we view them can be so important to how we move forward from where we are. Ever getting ready to go home from vacation and you say something like, “I’m so sad it’s over” or “I can’t believe I have to leave.” I have! Many times. But that does what we’ve just experienced a huge disservice. It takes away from the time we had, the experiences the week gave us, the laughter we shared with those we were with, it sullies the time we had. All of a sudden we aren’t focused on the good we’ve been blessed to have, but on the bad we are so sure is coming by going home and back to “reality.”
We can be like that in life and relationships. I know I can. And have. When it’s time to say goodbye to someone we tend to focus on pain and being hurt. We look forward and can’t possibly see anything good. Like life will now become just one long Monday. I know. I have been there. Trust me. But what if we started viewing goodbyes differently? Instead of being sad (all the time) we try and be thankful for the time we had with whoever or whatever we are saying goodbye to. We remain thankful for the memories, the laughter we shared, the love we shared, and how we grew from it all. I’m not saying romanticize the past, or only sit around thinking of what’s lost. But just showing an appreciation for what we have been blessed to share with someone and looking forward to moving on different, better, stronger, smarter, for it. I know grieving is a must with loss. All I’m suggesting is maybe it can be made easier by appreciating time with whoever or whatever is lost, instead of just focusing on the loss. We learn from everyone we meet, and every goodbye. Who we are is enriched by it all. So let’s take it all with us and move forward better and to better things to come. ❤ #livingyourbestlife

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