Life… One Heck Of A Ride.

IMG_3618This is a ride I rode while on a little vacation this past weekend. I rode it with my niece and laughing at her hurt harder than the force of the ride. It was a great experience and an awesome memory. But on the ride while she was screaming, a thought hit me. This ride is a lot like life.
This ride took you way up in the air. To the highest of heights. But then dropped quickly. It took twists and turns you had zero control over. It left you dangling in mid air has you waited to get off the ride. It took faith to be able to sit back and enjoy the ride. That’s life.

There will be times in life we are flying high. So high we can’t imagine ever touching ground again. So high we are so sure we could touch the stars without even using our tiptoes. Those are amazing times and feelings. Then without notice life can drop us to the lowest of lows. So low we can’t remember ever flying high, much less imagine ever doing it again. So low that the stars seem a million miles away. Touching them feels like a pipe dream at best. Then there are the twists and turns that get us from our highs to lows. Things we never see coming. A death, divorce, loss of a job, a dream that seems like it will never come true, a friend who lets us down. Those turns can be really difficult to bounce back from. Unlike with the ride, in life the low points are by far the hardest. Then there are those “mid air” moments. Where life leaves you dangling between the highs and lows. The waiting periods of life. Where we are left wondering when the “ride” we are currently on will end. When it will be time to get off and move on to the next one. Waiting can be difficult. Especially when we are suspended in mid air just hoping our next fall is way off, or we never fall again. Or when we are so low, we don’t think we have anything left in us to give. That’s where faith comes in.

Like I said above this ride did things I had zero control over. I had to have faith and trust in a man I’d never met in order to truly be able to enjoy my ride. Funny how I can have more trust in a stranger than I can sometimes in the God who gave me life and has proven Himself to be faithful time and time again. That’s crazy to me. And even if you don’t know God right now as well as you’d like and are wavering, have you ever trusted someone you barely knew? It’s in us to do it. But sometimes the way others have let us down, we turn around and project onto God. I spent many years doing that myself. I can’t help you with that except to say this. Spend time getting to know Him. Read His words, His promises. About Jesus dying for you because God sent Him to. He did that simply so He could have a relationship with you. Jesus tells us in John 16:33, that in this life we will have troubles. But to take heart, for He has overcome the world. God never promised a pain free life. That became impossible when sin entered the world through the actions of Adam and Eve. But He does promise that He will be there for us. To take heart in that in all our troubles. Also, talk with Him daily, multiple times a day. He is listening. Psalm 113:6 tells us that God stoops down to see us. He wants to know what we are going through, feeling. Whether we are in the middle of a high, a low, or a waiting period. Faith through it all allows us to enjoy this ride called life. With all its ups, downs, twists, turns, and waiting. It allows us to lean back, relaxed, and let go. It allows us to say with pure freedom, “Look Ma! No hands!”

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