Part 2: Reason: The Danger Of Asking Why Me…


In Acts 27: 20-26, we find Paul on a ship taking him to judgment for spreading the gospel. A little background information here. Paul was once Saul, a man who sought out and persecuted Christians. That is until he had a meeting with Jesus in Damascus. After this he devoted himself to spreading the words of Jesus. That is how he came to find himself on this ship. People put him on there, it was not his choice. Paul was doing the right thing, doing what he felt he was meant to do, and still he is punished by others actions. Paul, like most of us, I’m sure at times felt that being on this ship was unfair. Why did this happen to me? Why am I being punished for others disbelief or actions? I was doing the right thing and still here I am on this ship, sailing to my judgment. And it was a very tough sail. Windy, rough, and scary.
Ever felt like that? Like you have been going the right way, doing the right thing, and because of others actions you found yourself in a storm? Now sometimes our storms are due to our own misguided decisions. We do something we knew we shouldn’t, and it lands us somewhere we didn’t have to be. Those are a little different. We can look and see more clearly why we are in the storm we are. But when the actions of others land us in that island we didn’t see coming (refer to post “Malta… The Island you didn’t see coming) that can be a little harder to take. We can find ourselves asking, “Why me God?” Or saying things like “I don’t deserve this God.” I’ve found myself in both situations before. Storms of my doing, and of others doing. I know for me the second one is tougher to take. But God can use the bad decisions or actions of others to get us to our destiny. Genesis 50:20 says, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” There will be people who mean you harm. There will be people who do harm even though it was not there intention. We can’t escape it.
But here’s the thing, and we will see this as we continue to unfold Paul’s story together through this series of posts. God can use it all to our benefit and His glory. Or for the benefit of others. Sometimes we find our selves on ships we should not be on, only to find ourself now in a storm we should not be in, to only find ourselves on an island we should never have landed on. It’s in these times we have two choices. We can drown while looking for the reason, or we can go to our destiny with God by looking for His revelation to us, even amidst the storm.
If you find yourself today looking for a reason you had to go through what you did, I get it. I’ve spent a lot of hours looking for my reason. But sometimes we have to let go of the search. God says to us, “you don’t need a reason. You need to just remember who I am and be ready for my revelation.” That’s what we will be discussing in the next post, “Revelation… What Is God Trying To Tell You?” Till then go to God in prayer and ask Him to help you release the reason search, to get ready for His revelation! And remember sometimes things have to happen to get us to who and where we are meant to be. And sometimes it’s to be able to help others get to who and where they are meant to be. Not everything that happens to us, is about us. So today moving forward, let’s try and let go of looking for the reason. And instead trust God, that He will bring us a revelation!!! Paul could have easily drown on that ship while sulking and asking “why me?” But luckily for others, as we will see in the posts to come, he didn’t. Let’s not drown either! Today let’s take into consideration that maybe, just maybe, what happened had to happen. If not for us than for someone else. Or both! ❤

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