Let’s Be Genuinely Happy…

IMG_3791.PNGI went to a wedding yesterday for a friend of mine. (These are a few silly photos form their fun photo booth.) Young beautiful young woman who is now married to the man of her dreams. I got a little choked up during the ceremony as it hit me (like it still can at times) that was suppose to be me last year. At the age of 40 finally marrying the man of my dreams. But for reasons and revelations that God is still unfolding, it didn’t happen. It still can hurt a little. But I got to thinking as I was sitting there almost in tears, about how I should handle this day. And I had some thoughts.
See when life does not go “right” for us, whether it be marriage, having children, our job, whatever it is that we desire. But we have to watch it go right for others, we have two choices. We can either be bitter wondering why it goes right for them but not us. Or we can be genuinely happy for others, sharing in their happiness with them. Now the first one is much easier to do. And sometimes we even feel justified in doing so. I won’t lie, I was tempted yesterday. But being bitter only gets in the way of what is still to come. It can block us off from receiving what is coming our way. Mainly because we are too blind to see it through our lens of a distorted, nothing good comes my way view. Had I done that yesterday I would have missed out on the party of the year. Man that was a fun wedding! I would have missed out on hugging my friend sharing that moment with her. I would have missed out on recognizing just how lucky I was to be a part of that special day. And I would have regretted it later. But I decided to turn my frown upside down and thoroughly enjoy the moment. To quiet my “woes me” mind and heart long enough to snap out of it. It wasn’t easy but necessary to fully enjoy what life was in this moment. And that is what we have got to try to do in life. I know first hand just how much it hurts to have your life fall apart. And how hard it can be to watch others lives come together while you’re still trying to just pick pieces back up. I get it. And yes we will cry. We will cry a lot. There may be times we think the tears will never end. That the pain is all that’s left for us. But after we cry, scream, and eat ice cream (okay that last part may just be me) we have to get up. We need to move forward into all that life still holds for us now , and in the future. Hope is a great cure for bitterness. And though it can be hard to hope, it makes like easier and more enjoyable. Believing that something better is just around the corner, makes it easier to live our day to day life happier. But also to be genuinely happy when good happens for others. Even if it’s the exact good we are mourning.
If you’re having trouble with hope, being happy for others, you are not alone. It can happen to the best of us. I’ll tell you what helps me is my daily reading with God, and a lot of late night talks with Him. He’s a great listener. 🙂 And not hiding from life, but living it with those who love me! Finding something that I’m passionate about and doing it. Helping others is also a great way to lift your spirits. It’s tough to feel bad after helping another. And keeping faith that my life, though not how I planned, is working out. Have faith yours is too! ❤

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