Part 3: What Is God Trying To Say To You?

IMG_3858.JPGPart 3: Revelation. What Is God Trying To Say To You?
We have been looking at Paul and his journey to Rome. If you remember Paul was on a ship headed to stand before Cesare for spreading the gospel. Today we will look at the revelation God gave Paul on the ship and how we too need to be on the look out for our own revelation.
In Acts 27:23-24, we read Paul telling the men on the ship with him what an angel told him in a dream. It reads, “Last night an angel of the God to whom I belong and whom I serve stood beside me and said, Do not be afraid, Paul. You must stand trial before Caesar; and God has graciously given you the lives of all who sail with you.” The revelation is in this verse. God tells Paul “I have another battle for you so you won’t die here. My plans for you will not end in this storm. This dream happened even while the storm was still raging. God was telling Paul, even though you are in tough waters right now, your story does not end here. That was the revelation! Now notice God did not tell Paul how he would get there, how he would get through the storm, only that he would. God still does not give Paul a reason for why in this moment. He just simply says “trust me you will not drown in this storm.”
Sometimes we have to stop looking for a reason. God sometimes says to us “You don’t need a reason. You just need to remember Who I Am!” God will set up a situation or allow a situation for a revelation. Look at Lazarus’s death. Jesus was told that Lazarus was dying and He waited for days before acting. If you remember when Jesus was told of Lazarus He said in John 11: 4, “This sickness will not end in death.” But you see Jesus knew something the others didn’t . He knew how God wanted to use this to show the world who Jesus was. See Jesus had already been shown as healer. But now the world needed to see Him as resurrection. If you’re not familiar with this story I suggest you go read John 11: 1-44. God allowed Lazarus to die, but He knew that would not be the end of Lazarus’s story. Just like in Acts He knew that Paul would not go down with his ship. Just like He knows now for you, where you are right now, is not the end of your story either. He is waiting to give you a revelation!
God gave me mine about 6 months ago. I was drowning in loss and regret asking those why me questions. Why my life, health, engagement, fell apart. Specifically though I was questioning the engagement. A voice said to me after all my crying out, “But that’s all you would have had.” That was it. Voice done after that one statement. God did not go into well here’s why this happened the way it did, or why that happened the way it did, He gave me a simple revelation. I’ve had time to mull that over and I can see clearly now what He was telling me. Not that being a wife and mother wasn’t enough. That not what He meant by saying “all I would have.” He meant all I would have was me killing myself to be a perfect wife and step mom to my fiancée’s two kids. You see I hadn’t learned through all these trials of mine yet that perfection was impossible. That the chase of it was killing me. To see that I deserve good even though at times I’ve done bad. I was so caught up in shame and guilt I thought I had to prove my worth to my fiancée and his kids everyday. That I didn’t deserve them simply as me. God knew that would be the life I would lead. He wanted more for me than that. Had I not gone through the toughest season of my life I would have spent the rest of my life killing my self for something that would never be mine anyways. Being perfect to show my worth. But now I live my life knowing my worth comes from God not man or myself. I’ve learned to let go and live freer. And I have a relationship with God I never would have had without this life changing trial.
What are you facing that maybe God is trying to use to get you to your true destiny? Could you be missing His revelation because you are still looking for your reason. Now God might not send us an angel like Paul, telling us exactly why He is sparing us in this trial. We may not get our “You have to go to Rome” big reveal. Mine certainly was not. But He is waiting to tell you something just like He did me. You just have to be positioned to receive it. I do this by reading the word daily ( just 10 minutes a day), and talking to Him daily. I do this by allowing myself to give up on knowing why. And that is not easy for me. Trust me. Allow yourself to not have to know why too. Be ready for the revelation! No matter how it comes! Join me later this week for part 4, the final one of this series. It will be on response. How we should respond to our revelation and how that can change not only our lives, but others lives as well. ❤

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