It Is Finished…

IMG_3880.JPGA thought entered my mind right as I was waking up, unfortunately at 5:00 this morning, a good two hours early. It was this, “Let Jesus finish what God started in You.” This happens from time to time and if they stick in my mind I explore them with God and then I share. Well this one stuck. So here ya go.
See in the beginning there was God. God created the world. I’m not going to quote Genesis 1, but if you’re new to a relationship with God I suggest reading it. 🙂 It says about Gods creation (the world) “and it was good.” Then God created man. Then saw he’d be lost alone so from man (his rib) God created woman. (Okay that’s my own interpretation😜) God started all of this. And it was good. Until well that woman was lead to temptation and gave in. And then man gave in as well. IMG_3893.PNGAnd sin entered our world forever. Gods creation was now altered and He knew it would never be the same. Years and years went by and God could see that though His creation man and woman was good, it was now due to sin, never going to be good enough to have a relationship with Him. What He started needed something else, someone else, to help complete it. Enter Jesus.
Jesus came to earth to live as a human, feeling all things we do today. He was tempted, knew hunger, knew sadness, knew pain, and more. But He also came to finish things for us. He came to stand in our place. Stand at the gap between us, our sin, and God. He came so that through His sacrifice we could be seen as Great in Gods eyes. Not seen by our wrongs because He took them all on for us.
But it’s not just about sin. He came so that we might have peace. He came so that we would or could have a relationship with Him, with God. He came so that we would know the most important thing, how to love. To love without conditions, even when the other person can’t do anything for us. He came so that we could know true forgiveness. Not just our own, but that we could see how to forgive others. Hatred and anger are spirit killers. He came so that we could live freely, without all that junk weighing us down. He came so that we could worry less and trust more. He is proof that God loves us. If you are a believer, there is no greater proof of love from God than Jesus. And that alone should be enough to trust that God only wants the best for you. Jesus came to finish what we could not on our own, sins power of us. He even says on the cross “It is finished.”
I don’t know how my original thought fits into here, and that’s okay. I know this though. God created you, He started you. He also knew free will and temptation would get the better of you. And that would get in the way of what He began in You. His plans for you. Your true purpose. It wasn’t for you to just try to get through your days, feeling crippled by the weight of this world and your own sin. No, He created you for a purpose that would glorify Him. That would help others. That would help you. I don’t know what that is for me or you. But God does. He also knows that we can’t get there alone. We need Jesus. We need Him so that we can let go of all the extra crap we take on from life. We need Him so that we can know that we are free! So if you haven’t yet, haven’t fully handed all your stuff over, leaving it at the cross, please do. Let Jesus finish it for you, so that you can be the true you that God started. ❤

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