When I Feel My Life Should Be Easy…

IMG_3984.JPGWe have this idea sometimes that as believers our life should be or is suppose to be easy. And that can be trouble for us at times. We can quickly lose our faith in God if we fall into the trap of this false belief. Truth is at times our life will be harder because we are believers. Look at Mark 1 11-13 11 “And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”At once the Spirit sent him out into the wilderness, and he was in the wilderness forty days, being tempted by Satan. He was with the wild animals, and angels attended him.”
This happened to Jesus right after He was baptized. And when do most of us get baptized? Right after or soon after we profess our faith in Jesus as our Savior and decide to follow God. Right as Jesus makes His proclamation of faith He is tested. He is sent into the wilderness and Satan gave it all he had to bring him down. Truth be told many of us feel like we are in a wilderness. That we are forgotten by God. That we are alone. Left to the mercy of a merciless enemy. And I get it. When I went through the toughest season of my life (and other bad times too) I went through a time of just knowing God was not there anymore. Even though I listened to praise and worship music, read some verses friends gave me to help, prayed, I still went through times of believing I was alone. I had two specific moments that helped change that for me. One was a book given to me from a dear friend and the other was a dream. The dream came about 2 months after the book. It was what really said to me “Christa you are not alone. Please just trust me.” It was a very specific detailed dream.
If you look back on Mark you see that it says “and angels attended Him.” God made sure that Jesus was not alone. Why? Because Jesus was and is very important to God. He was the son of God. But remember that God still sacrificed Him for you. And if He sacrificed Jesus, His son for you, how much must He love you? And if He loves you that much, why would He leave you alone? Unattended in your wilderness. He won’t! The problem becomes that we stop looking. Fear gets is our way, and we can’t see around it, over it, or through it. We get lost in it. That’s what the enemy is counting on. So let’s not give him that! Instead let’s remember who we are in God. Who we are through our Savior. How can you do this though?
I have and always will say that it starts by getting in Gods word. Read it 10 minutes a day. Go to God in prayer, ask Him for what you need. Ask Him to help you feel His presence. And yes listen to praise and worship music. Surround yourself with those that will help you stay connected to God. That will inspire you. That will be there for you. After all God gives us people in our lives for a reason. Most of all we need to stop falling for the lie that our life is supposed to be easy because we are followers of Christ. Or that we are being treated unfairly by God. We are told in the Bible that we will have troubles. (John 16:33) But in that same verse He also tells us to have peace, for He has overcome the world.
I am not saying it’s easy. I know it’s hard. I’ve been there. And there are still days almost 2 years later since my battle began, and I still can feel mad at times. But it has gotten easier. See the trick word there, “easier.” Life is not always easy. But with keeping my relationship with God at the forefront of my life now, it’s easier. I promise that it will help you too. You just gotta put in the time, effort, and faith. God is waiting to help you find your way out of the woods.

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