Being A Light In A Sometimes Dark World…

IMG_4073.JPGEver watched one of these things in action? I have. As a strong disliker of bugs, I love the sound it makes. Let’s me know there’s one less thing in the world to bite me. Sorry lovers of all creatures. Ever wonder why these bugs are so willing to fly into these things, even though an end to themselves is emanate? Well simple answer. It’s the light. They are attracted to its light.
That got me thinking about us as people. How we can attract others to God and to Jesus through the use of no words, but by simply being the light. But not to kill them. No the opposite. To give them life. You see you or I can say all day long how amazing a relationship with Christ is. How amazing having God in our life is. But if we aren’t showing them, than what’s the point? Even a person who is skeptical of God is going to be drawn to you as you live as a person of faith. Why? Because how you handle things that come your way as a believer, will be foreign to them. They won’t understand how or why you can act as well as you can in certain situations.
People will be drawn to someone who is calm and positive in the midst of a diagnosis. People will be drawn to someone who speaks love over others who treat them unkindly. People will be drawn to someone who refuses to put down the new boss simply to fit in. People will be drawn to someone who is able to smile even when things aren’t going so great for them. People will be drawn to someone who does for others even when they can do nothing in return for them. Then they will ask “How do you do it? Stay so positive, or loving, or giving?” That’s when you can say “It’s only through my faith and relationship with my Lord and Savior.” They may ask you more questions right then and there. They may not. But they are thinking now about the possibility of God. That maybe just maybe He is real and can help them in their life too.
See we are rarely remembered for our words. Unless they are backed by actions. But our actions, even when never spoken of, are always remembered by those who saw them. It’s my prayer everyday that I live a life of light. I don’t get it right all the time. But by making a conscious decision to try, I do better than I use to. And as they say “practice makes perfect.” I also say “Practice makes progress.” Let’s go out and be so bright, people can’t help but be sucked in! ❤

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