Excuses Vs Reasons…

IMG_4094.JPGExcuses vs Reasons. There are many excuses to keep us from continuing what we started. If we are looking for one, we don’t have to look too far or hard. We can choose from the standard “it’s too hard”, “I’m not equipped”, “I’m tired and deserve to stop or take a break”, and so on. And if we can’t come up with an excuse on our own, others will be glad to do it for us. Saying things like “But what if you fail, “what about your family”, and my favorite “who do you think you are?” No wonder quitting is so easy. My goodness! But all you need is one thing to keep going. What’s that you might ask? It’s the “reason.”
The reason you started in the first place. The reason you had the idea to even try. The reason you get out of bed in the morning. I don’t know your reason. Only you do. And that’s what you have to hold onto in the moments of doubt. Whether it be self doubt, or doubt put on you by others. The reason has to be your driving force everyday or you will give into an excuse. There’s too many of them, and they are just so easy to fall for. The reason is what you keep fighting for. Whether it be yourself, your friends, your spouse, your kids, your financial future, whatever it is. Keep that with you at all times. Maybe even write it down and post it around you, so you see it all the time. Post its that say “I’m doing this for my family.” Or “I’m doing this for my financial future.” Or I’m doing this because I care about others.” Whatever your reason is.
I keep writing even though my mind tells me to give up. That no one cares what I have to say. But then I remember why I do this. It’s so just incase one day someone comes across it they can feel less alone. Or maybe even feel inspired by my words. So what’s your reason? Whatever it is hold it onto it. Never let it go. Because an excuse is waiting just around the corner of your mind to pounce in its place.
One way I have found strength to keep going is through prayer. I talk to God a lot about whether I’m doing His will or trying to force something. I’m honest about my fears and doubts. I simply talk it out with Him. When I’m done I feel more at peace about the path I’m on. There have been some amazing conversations between us. He even answers me sometimes by sending me just to the right scripture. I have had my mind blown. And sometimes I just simply feel better when I’m done. Talk to God. Let Him help you. He wants you to succeed at His carrying out His will just as much as you do. The only thing is we need to know what that is. That’s not easy I know. But the more we read His word and stay in constant contact with Him, the easier it becomes. Just don’t use God as an excuse to quit. However if He’s made it clear to you that it’s time to move on, that’s the best reason to. Remember, God will never use fear or doubt to get you to stop, that’s the enemy. He will show you in love that you’re on the wrong path. Then He will help you see where to go next. You just gotta be in tune with Him. Today if you haven’t in a while, and you’re feeling uneasy about your path, go to God. Let His truth silence all those lies. ❤

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