Too Blessed To Be Stressed…

IMG_4108Reading a book titled “The Very Busy Squirrel” to my class today a thought hit me. You see we as humans can be just like this squirrel. Being so busy preparing for life that we forget to live it. In the story the squirrel was asked by many different animals throughout the book to join them in what they were doing. Each activity was either a playful one or one of relaxing and resting. But each time the squirrel said, “No, I’m so busy.” He did that until at the end of the book he collapsed from exhaustion. I asked my 5 year old students if that was any way to live, and one little girls answer melted my heart. She said “No you can’t always be that busy. You have to be happy sometimes too.” ❤
You see there is nothing wrong with preparing for life. It’s something we all have to do. Not to do that would be irresponsible. That’s on one end of the scale, not preparing at all, while the squirrel was on another end of the scale. Always too busy. We need to live somewhere in the middle. We need to learn to stop at times and appreciate this life we are blessed with, while being good stewards of our lives. Planning for what we need to do each day, to get us to where we want our lives to be. But how do we do that?
I take a day that is only for me. Now I admit I’m single with no kids so that’s easier for me to do. But I set aside a day that is for doing something I want to do. Rather it’s sit home and read, catch up on shows, write a little. Or it’s spend that day with friends or family. I use Saturday for that day. Now if you’re a parent I get that is not something you can always do. So maybe asking your spouse to take the children for 2 or 3 hours on a Saturday so you can have some you time. Then the next weekend you do the same for your spouse. Single parents your situation is even tougher. I hope you have a support system that would allow you to at least take 2 days a month to have sometime for yourself. It’s vital. Remember what my wise friend said above ” you can’t always be busy. Sometimes you have to be happy.” Meaning always being on the go leads to an unhappy frazzled you. You may not ever admit it, because we are taught to put others first. Somehow needing “me time” is selfish. But it’s not.
Everyone in your life benefits from you being the healthiest happiest you, that you are capable of being. You don’t get that from ignoring yourself all the time. None of us do. So let’s try to remember ourselves in the day to day rush of life. Let’s stop feeling bad because we need something for ourselves. Let’s stop buying into the lie that if we aren’t moving we aren’t being productive. It took me a long time to be able to embrace this line of thought. But trust me it gets easier with practice. I’m not saying it’s easy to do. Im saying it’s important to do. Let’s not get so busy preparing for life, planning, that we miss out on living this life. Rest is key. Whether it’s alone time, or doing things with people you love, take sometime this week and the weeks to come to truly enjoy your life. Even God rested. Remember that. He took time so should we. ❤

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