Hills And Valleys…

IMG_4114I asked God what words He wanted me to share today and immediately the words “Hills and valleys came to my mind.” So that’s what I’ll share today.
Hills are awesome in a way. They represent the highs in our lives. The good times. The successes of life, But they require work, dedication, faith, and more. We need God in those moments just as much as in the next kind of moments I’ll discuss later. Once we hit the “top” whatever that is for us be it a job, getting married, having a child, building our dream home, whatever it is, we tend to go on our own power. At least I know I do. We act as if we don’t need God anymore. We get cocky sometimes. But all these things require us to give a lot of ourselves. That job we wanted so badly may ask us to do things in the name of the job we wouldn’t normally do. Or our coworkers may gossip a lot or treat us unkindly straight to our face. That spouse may require more of us than we ever imagined. Fights happen. Distance grows. That dream marriage starts to fall apart. That child we prayed to have is keeping us up all night but we had to go back to work. And as much as we love that baby, we are exhausted and don’t know how we’ll do it again the next day. That house as beautiful as it is now means more upkeep and cleaning. Add that to our list of things to do and it can get daunting. See all of these things are blessings. They are blessings from God. So why cut Him out? Even on the hills of life, where we have gotten all we ever wanted, life is still life. God is still God. And we still need God in order to do life. He will be there if we allow Him to, to help us navigate all our blessings so they don’t turn into something else. So they can stay the blessings they were meant to be. He can help us stay honest at that job, restore a marriage, give us strength when we are weary, and more. Now the valleys.
No body likes the valleys. But if you think about it, it’s the valleys that get us to the hills. No they are not fun. But God is there to help navigate them until they lead us to our hills. The valley is being unemployed or having to take a different job to pay the bills until we land our dream job. The valley is the season of being single until we meet and marry our spouse. The valley is the watching all our friends have kids while desperately trying to get pregnant, until we are holding our own sweet baby. The valley is having to live with family or with a friend or in a small apartment until the day we can afford that dream home. It’s in those times it’s so clear we need God. Yet disappointments can sometimes keep us from God. Faith is huge in the valley. It’s essential in the valley. Faith is also built in the valley. Remember that you are not alone. No matter how low you feel today, you are loved and being taken care of by God.
No matter where you find yourself today. Rather it be living it up on your hill, struggling in your valley, or anywhere in between, you need God. And God is waiting to help you wherever you find yourself today. I don’t know how long your valley will be. Or when your hill might become a valley again. I’m in my own valley right now. And it’s been a long one. 41 never married and no kids. It’s not easy. And I’ve had my fair share of getting real moments with God. But I have a choice and so do you. To believe God means the best for my life or not. I choose to believe Jeremiah 29:11 and that He knows the plans He has for me. Plans to prosper me and not to harm me. Plans to give me hope and a future. He means that for you just as much as He does for me. We just gotta hold on in the valley. And though my hill may not look like I would have chosen, I can trust Him it’s exactly what I need. Today let’s trust God no matter where we find ourselves and praise His name in the hills and valleys. ❤

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