What you see… Can’t Always Be Trusted…

IMG_4123Remember fun mirrors? You know you would stand in front of them as a child and look taller in one, shorter in one, fatter in one, skinnier in one, and so on. There was something in each mirror that made you appear that way. And you would probably laugh and have fun seeing your appearance transform right before your eyes.
We can be like that in our own view of ourselves sometimes. Whether we are looking in a mirror or not. And I don’t mean in the fun carnival way. We can allow things that are done to us, said to us, to alter how we view ourselves. Our self view becomes very distorted. There are many things that can lead to us doing this. Rejection in any form, constant criticism or mental abuse, physical abuse, unstable childhood, children we have raised making bad choices, losing a job, and more. All of these things can lead to us feeling, unworthy, incapable, unwanted, unlovable, without purpose, undesirable, less than, and more. Each time something happens to us that is negative in nature, the way we see ourselves is altered. And in time we can barely recognize the person staring back at us in the mirror. We can’t believe how small we feel, how ugly we feel, how insignificant we feel. And social media doesn’t help. Take me for example. I have a hard time when I see how many likes or comments others get and I feel as if what I have to say goes unnoticed or barely noticed. Especially as a “writer” who is trying to inspire others. I can really start to look down on myself and my purpose. It’s tough for me.
How about you? Are you allowing like I do your self image to be altered. If you’re like me you have been rejected by someone you love. And you can start to question immediately, “well what’s wrong with me?” “Why am I so unlovable?” Or maybe you have lost a job and you think, ” I can’t even support my family. I’m worthless if I can’t do that.” Or maybe you’re a woman who cant conceive and you think, “then what do I have to offer as a woman, as a wife, if I can’t give my spouse a child.” So many other scenarios that come to play in life. So how do we fix it?
Well we can’t. We need God to help us do that. At least I do. I start by getting real with God. I start by saying out loud all the things I’m feeling. God I feel worthless because… God I feel unlovable because… God I feel like I have no purpose in life because…. And so on. I cry it out. I yell it out. I take the power away from the words because I say them out loud. I bring them from the dark corners of my heart and mind and into the light of a God who created me. A God who loves me. A God who knows I’m worthy (the cross proved that). A God who knows I’m lovable (the cross proved that). A God who knows not only that I have purpose (or He wouldn’t have created me) but exactly what that purpose is. I stay In His word daily. I pray multiple times a day. I surround myself with people who only point me to the good God we serve. People who only want the best for me. People who can be tough on me when I need it but soft when I need a place to land that is safe. People that point out the good in me when I can’t see it in myself. People that help me reshape the image in the mirror. God gave me those people. I listen to praise and worship music constantly as to be uplifted and inspired daily. And sometimes I have to put the phone down to stay off social media and give myself a break from the comparison trap.
Today start doing whatever it is you need to do to get your self image back. Maybe make post it notes that say things like “I’m worthy”, “I have purpose”, I am loveable, “I am funny”, I am giving to others”, whatever you need say to remind yourself who you are on a daily basis. To help you stand taller on your own with no trick mirrors. To be able to truly see yourself as you try to make everyone else believe you do. Cause sometimes we see our self one way but use a “fun mirror” to reflect something totally different to those looking at us. Let’s get real with ourselves. Real with God. And take back our reflection! ❤

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