Don’t Miss What You Already Have…

IMG_4186“Won’t you receive what He’s already done?” It’s a song by Big Daddy Weave one of my favorite groups. I was listening to it this afternoon and it struck me in some kind of way. Am I blocking what God has already done? Are you?
It can be so easy to get stuck in what isn’t that we miss what is. I know I’m super guilty of it. Especially when it comes to my personal life. But if I take a step back and look I can see so many blessings. I am surrounded by love. Everyday I go to a classroom filled with little ones who tell me daily that they love me. I have family that is there to love me and support me in my times of need. I’m surrounded by friends who are more like family. We laugh, cry, and get into trouble together. 😜 I have teens in my life through the youth group at church that drive me crazy but fill my life with laughter and love. And more. But sometimes all I can focus on is what’s missing. That’s being human I suppose.
What about you? Are you like me? Missing what God has done while waiting on what you want Him to do?
If you are struggling today missing what use to be or what you’ve never had. (It’s a lie by the way when people say “Well you can’t miss what you’ve never had.”) If you are starting to lose hope of ever receiving that desire you’ve been carrying around for so long. If you are tempted to take a short cut, or compromise, or settle, just so you can get something that looks like that desire. I so get it! I’m a 41 year old woman never married with no kids who has wanted to be a wife and mother since I was around 15 years old. It’s hard! It’s heart breaking! In all honesty it sucks!
I don’t know what you are trying to continue to hope for. Or how long you’ve been holding onto this hope. But I do know that giving up on hope is a death trap to life. Once you convince yourself that the thing you wanted most will never happen, well then you’ve taken away what has been your driving force. It’s a dangerous thing to take away what motivates you to keep trying, to keep going.
Now I will say this. I am not saying that you will get exactly what you are hoping for, exactly the way you pictured it. A woman I follow on Facebook (who didn’t marry till she was 46 by the way) married a man who had older children and just became a grandmother a few months ago). God truly has pa way of giving us things in ways only He sees fit to give them. Her story inspires me daily. So remember that sometimes we get what we want but in a way that looks totally different than we imagined. I’ve had to come to grips that becoming someone’s biological mother is less and less likely to happen. (Not that it still can’t but is getting less likely). But that doesn’t mean a blessing isn’t coming in some other way.
So what are you hoping for today. Please keep that hope alive. Even when circumstances make it look or seem impossible. Nothing is impossible when you put it in the hands of God. So if you haven’t yet, put them where they belong. Pray with me. “Dear God, first I thank you for every single blessing in my life. From the love, to a place to lay my head, food to eat, and more. God you know my heart. You know I love you and am thankful for all you have given me. But you also know my longing places and thoughts. God help me to release those to you. Help me to see all that I hold instead of what I do not. Give me strength and endurance to keep moving forward believing in your promises. I love you God. In Jesus name. Amen.” Now go read Jeremiah 29:11. It’s my life verse. I even have it hanging in my bathroom wall to remind me everyday that God is for me, not against me. ❤

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