You My Friend Are Not Broken…

IMG_4238.JPGI don’t know why but the words “fixing vs mending” popped in my head the other day. I got to thinking about it and how we sometimes, including myself, can be so quick to call ourselves broken. To see ourselves as needing to be “fixed.” I looked up the two words because to me they don’t exactly mean or represent the same thing. But I will admit according to the dictionary online they can be and are used interchangeably. But I thought I’d share the differences I see in them and how I believe using one over the other to describe ourselves or someone else, is vital to self image.
To me when something needs fixed it is completely broken. It no longer is able to serve any purpose. It might as well be discarded into the trash. That is unless it can be fixed of course.
But mending to me means something a little different. When I think of the word mending, I think of using a patch to cover up a hole in a blanket or a patch on some jeans. But the blanket is still capable of keeping you or someone else warm. Or those jeans can still be worn. As long as the hole is not in certain areas. 😜 But the blanket and the jeans are still able to serve their purpose. They still have worth. Even though they have a few gently or not so gently signs of being used.
I think when we think of ourselves we need to be careful how we describe ourselves. I have said it before and I’m sure you have too, “I’m broken I need to be fixed.” Vs saying “I’m worn and could use some mending.” To me there is a big difference there. When we describe ourselves as broken we are implying that we have no use. That we can’t function or have a purpose in the moment. Not until we are “fixed.” When in reality even in our deepest sorrows, pain, disappointments, and more we still have purpose. We still have worth. We are not to be discarded with the trash. But in reality we are tired and used. We may have holes in us that has left us tattered. Scars that have left us marked up a little. But all we need is a little time to mend. To be restored to our former self. Sometimes even better! But how?
Well the great restorer is God. He knows all our hurts, holes, scars, and more. He knows exactly how to mend us. All we need to do is allow Him to. We do this by being in His presence everyday. We do this by reading His word everyday. I do 10 minutes in the morning, but any time of day works. We do this by crying out to Him. By getting real with Him. We aren’t telling Him anything He does not already know. But He does want us to take it to Him. We do this by listening to praise and worship music. By getting into a group where others are being mended too. And any other way that brings us closer to God.
So let’s decide today to never say “I’m broken” again. Don’t give the enemy that much power over you. Instead let’s say “I’m worn. I’m weary. But my God is mending me.” And remember that we always have purpose. No matter what! ❤


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