Stop Looking Back Too Much…

IMG_4284.JPGYou wouldn’t drive your car always looking backwards. That would be dangerous. So why live life that way? It’s easy to keep looking back though I know. Back at what was, what’s been lost, what we’d give anything to have back. Or maybe you keep looking back at regrets and bad decisions. Or maybe you keep looking back at how others have hurt you, abused you, either physically or emotionally. No matter your reason for looking back more than you look forward, it’s a dangerous way to live.
The enemy wants you and I to waste our time by focusing on the wrong things. He knows that as long as he can keep us wrapped up in the wrong stuff, God can’t use us to do the right stuff. It’s simple really. You can’t successfully move forward in life with your focus always being what’s behind you. You can’t navigate forward always looking back. Try it. Right now! Get up and walk forward while turning your head to look behind you. Just simply look behind you over your shoulder. Do this for one minute and then come back and read.
How’d that go? Did you run into anything? Did you fall? Stumble over something on the floor? Did you walk with as much confidence in your path as you would have had you been looking forward? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section on this. 😊 It seems silly doesn’t it. To walk forward by always looking backwards, yet myself and I’m sure a lot of you are guilty of it. We try to do life moving forward by always looking backwards. Yes there are lessons there, but that’s it. What’s behind us is meant to be life lessons not life sentences.
So how do we stop? Like I said I know it’s not easy. But it’s so vital. First thing I do is pray. Normally I say read the word first. But this time I say pray immediately. When ever you find yourself looking back, stop right then and pray. Ask God to help fix your eyes on Him and what is in your present. Then ask Him to help you keep your eyes fixed on Him for what lies ahead. But it’s important here, don’t miss this, that we focus on what’s right in front of us first. Then we can move forward into what’s to come. For example, I need to learn to be happy with my life as a single woman, finding joy in my current circumstance, instead of just trying to get to a relationship. I need to be in the present not the future. Or the past. I need to heal and love myself now where I am, before I worry about the future. So after you have asked God to help you, then read the word. Get into His word everyday. Doing it 10 minutes a day has dramatically changed my mindset and relationship with God. Sometimes I even Google “Bible verses for feeling lonely” or whatever I’m facing in the moment. That counts too! Then do your best to live out the word. Surround yourself with people who will help you do that. I have people in my life that are awesome at that! They know me well and are great at tough love. It’s important to have a Godly support system. Do these things daily. Satan can not stand against a person determined to be victorious through the word of God constantly.
So starting today if you’ve been using too much of the time God has blessed you with looking backwards, do your best to stop. It will take time though. So be patient with yourself. Show yourself a little grace. Yes look back for learning purposes. Just make sure you aren’t staying where Jesus has already delivered you from. Turn your head around and move forward! And don’t forget to look up daily too! ❤

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