Love Does Not Keep Score…

IMG_4329.JPGHow do we know what love is? How do we know if we truly love someone? Is it how they make us feel when they enter a room? No that’s chemistry. Is it when we cant stop thinking about them? No that’s infatuation. Is it how they make us feel about ourselves? No that’s pride and ego. We know how much we truly love someone when they stop benefiting us and we either leave or stay. What we do for those who can do nothing for us, at least in that moment. Then at our worst they do the same for us. That’s love. Jesus gives us the perfect picture of this in His sacrifice for us. He knew every fear I or you would have. And He died for you and I anyways. He knew every doubt we would have, even about Him. And He died for us anyways. He knew every mistake we would make. And He died for us anyways. He knew everything about us from the worst all the way to the best. And He died for us anyways. Why? Because He Loves us. Romans 5:8 “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Love is sacrifice at its best. You don’t do for others based on what they can do for you. That’s not love. That’s scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. Love is not always 50/50. Sometimes it’s 100/0. Then it’s 0/100 sometimes. But in love you don’t keep score.
What if Jesus had said “Well I’ll sacrifice for you only if you can deserve it. I’ll save you only as much as you can do for me. I’ll love only as much as you can benefit me. Then where would we be? I know I’d be in trouble. How about you? Lucky for us Jesus loved us beyond our ability to benefit or love Him. We should do the same for those in our life. I’m not suggesting you give your life. I’m not even suggesting you allow people to treat you however they want to and you just take it under the umbrella of loving them. I am suggesting though that we not love others only when they can do something for us. We as people will have hard times. There are times when your spouse, friend, family, and others in your life fall on hard times. When they need you but can’t give anything back at the moment. When they will need way more than they can give in their current situation. That’s when we learn how much we truly love someone. When we are ready and willing to give of our time, efforts, do whatever it takes to get them through. That’s true sacrifice. That’s true love.
So if you have someone in your life right now who is requiring more of you than usual. I hope you find that your love for them far outweighs the sacrifice they require of you. Jesus showed us true sacrificial love. Let’s follow His lead and do the same. ❤


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