Lord… Please Help Me Let Go…

IMG_4474No one can make us feel inferior. No one can make us angry. No one can make us hate. No one can make us look at ourself any other way than what we allow. I know I can spend a lot of time blaming others for how I feel. If they had just done this, or not done that, than I wouldn’t have to feel this way. This allows me to sit highly on my throne of self righteousness. High above those that have hurt me.
The first problem in this way of thinking is it keeps me from seeing my part in the problem. Anything I might have done “wrong” in this situation to the other person. The second problem is, it puts my happiness in the other persons hands. It gives them full power and control over me. Even if I have every right to be hurt, angry, upset, I am the only one being hurt by those emotions. Being angry at someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. I’ve never successfully killed anyone with my anger, but I have died many times inside.
I have had to have many conversations with God about my hurt feelings. My anger. My bitterness. And these are not easy conversations. They can be ugly, soaked in tears, leaving me splotchy faced, conversations. But they are exactly what I needed. Genuine, heartfelt words that I needed to get out. And I’m always pleased to find that God is waiting to listen. To catch all my tears and comfort me like only my creator can. To show me how to get out of my own head, out of my own way, and really begin to heal. How to stop the blame game, and see how to get off the emotional merry go round I have put myself on.
Is that you today? Are you suffering from “justified anger?” I know first hand how hard that can be to let go of. Like if I do, I am saying what was done to me was okay. But that is not what it says at all. Letting go and forgiveness says, “Though what you did to me was not okay, you don’t get to say how I see myself. How I go through the rest of my life. How I love my life, myself, how I love others. No! I get to say that. Your power over me is gone, and I now live my life under the power of forgiveness, the power of letting go, the power of God.” Wow there is a lot of power in letting go! We can even get to a place where we thank the other person. Sounds crazy I know. But follow with me just for a moment. I have gone through a huge loss the past couple of years. My fiancĂ© ending our relationship was something that shook me to my very core. But with Gods help I have been able to be grateful for the situation. Without it I would not have the relationship with God or myself I have today. I would not see myself as the capable person I do today. I would not have been made to look closely at myself and fix what desperately needed to be fixed in me. I would not be writing this today, digging deep inside myself to help encourage you. And I’m sure there is much more. I also wouldn’t be open to receive what God has in store for my life. I may not know all what God has planned to replace what has been lost, but I can walk in faith that it is way more than I could ever dream for myself. What are you needing to let go of today? Who are you needing to release to God. Trusting Him to do with them as He sees fit. I pray that you be able to today. That you be able to not only release them, but release yourself as well. Release yourself from under their power, to be placed under the loving power of God. I know, know, know, how difficult this can be. One of my favorite lyrics in a song is “Even when the jury and the judge say you have a right to hold a grudge, it’s the whisper in your ear saying set it free.” That is God whispering to you. The Devil is the jury and the judge in this situation. He would like nothing more than for you and I to drown in our inability to forgive. But God wants nothing more than to take it from us. It’s our choice who we listen to. I pray that you, and myself choose wisely. Hating is easier than forgiving I know. But that doesn’t mean we can’t let it all go. It just means we will need God to help us do it. Luckily for us God is in the forgiveness business.

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