Batteries Not Included…


Life is a gift. I think we all can agree to that. It’s a sometimes messy, hard, beautiful, gift. For me it’s a gift from God. You know how sometimes you can receive a gift and it says “batteries not included.” It’s a great gift, but it means nothing, or at the very least can’t be used to its full potential as it was created to, without a power source. Sure you can not put batteries in it, using your hands and voice to make it “come alive”. But we all know that’s not as fun. That’s us doing all the work. In order to get the full enjoyment and experience the gift giver wanted us to have, we’ve got to go and get batteries, a power source. And not just any power source will do. I can’t go putting triple a batteries in something that requires double A’s and expect it to work. 

That’s life. It’s a gift. Meant to do and give us so many things. And we even have a hole in our heart where our power source is meant to go. We weren’t created to do this all on our own. We were created to do it along with our power source, God. A lot of us are working way harder than we have to, simply because we refuse to battery up! 

One thing I’ve learned on this journey of mine is that my need to be in control was killing me. That I was so insistent of doing things on my own, that I couldn’t, or refused to see my need for a power source. I was doing all the work, making all the motions on my own, and using my voice only to speak into my life and others. I would have made one very boring toy. And frustrating too, never cooperating. It wasn’t until I and my life hit rock bottom that I became aware of just how much I was ruining my life. Ruining the gift that had been given to me. Sure I was doing some good things. I had friends, family, a fiancé, all that loved me. A job working with some of the cutest kids daily. I went to church, volunteered with the youth group, and more. But I was not living my life to the fullest God intended it to be. Why? Because I was not plugged into God. Not fully. I was too busy pretending I had everything under control on my own. Too busy trying to prove myself worthy. Instead of knowing, truly knowing, that I already was, simply because I am Gods beautiful daughter. I put so much pressure on myself when all I had to do was connect to my perfect power source.

Is that you too? So busy trying to do things your way that you are missing Gods perfect way for you? I am convinced now that a lot of the hurt I’ve been through was totally unnecessary. It’s not Gods fault or even Satan’s. But mine. Simply because I was too prideful to accept that I needed God, and all that entails. Being in His word, living out His commands, praying multiple times a day, everyday. Allowing Him to fill the voids others have left in my life. My father who wasn’t what I needed or wanted him to be, friends who decided to turn on me, men I loved who didn’t love me back, just a basic need of acceptance. I was trying to fix these issues the wrong way. Maybe you are too today. Today we need to remember that life is a true gift. Yes it can get loud and unruly at times. But it’s also meant to do so much more than it’s allowed to at times, because we don’t give it the power source it needs to do so. God is our perfect source. He is a one size fits all battery. He never runs out of juice so we don’t have go looking for a replacement. Go to Him today if you need to be energized to live this life you’ve been given. Live it  to its fullest potential. He is just waiting to turn your life on!!! Simply go to Him in prayer asking Him to help you stop relying on yourself as your own power source, and allow Him to charge you from the inside out! 

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