Letting Shame And Guilt Go Once And For All…

IMG_5119.JPGYou can not walk in shame and in victory at the same time.
One of the things I had to do in this journey of healing, is let go of shame. I knew it was affecting me, I just didn’t know how much until it was too late. Until after it changed the path of my life in a big way. Shame and by extension guilt is one of the heaviest things we can carry around with us. It’s also one of the hardest to get rid of. Sure I got good at hiding it as I did my good works. You know the ones to gain my freedom from my guilt and shame. But in time it all came for me. All that I had pushed down came up with a vengeance. I don’t want that for you. So I’m sharing all this with you in hopes you won’t have to go through extra hurt just to see how much shame and guilt are weighing you down. So what can you do? How can you finally let go of your guilt and shame for good? Well I’m going to share with you how I have done it. I didn’t think it would work either. It all sounded too easy and too good to be true. But the weight I felt lift off of me after it was all done, was amazing. And I haven’t picked any of it back up! At almost 42 years of age, I’ve never been able to say that, and mean it, before now.
Well first you have to as I had to, get real with yourself and God. Saying something isn’t that big a deal is one of the greatest lies Satan tries to get you to tell yourself. If it is on your mind it matters. If it’s bothering you that you did it, it’s a big deal. So be honest and write down every shame/guilt that comes to your mind.
Then, pray over them. Release them to God one by one. Read each of them out loud. Say “God I release (enter it here) to you. Please help me to forgive myself, others, and accept your forgiveness as well. Help me to let this shame and guilt go.” Do this for each one you wrote down.
Then, and while this is optional, I highly recommend it. Find a safe place, ask someone to help you if needed, and burn the paper with your written entries on them. I had a friend do this for me. She sent me a video she made of it too. So whenever I try to pick that shame back up, I have the video to remind me that it’s already been taken care of. I love to look at it from this perspective, God can now truly make beauty from the ashes of my past. The thought has a way of warming my heart and making me smile. If you don’t want to burn them, put them in a box with a key needed to get in. Or anything that’s hard to get back into like a piggy bank you have to smash in order to get to what’s inside. The point here being you can’t get back to what you have now given to God. The visual is a great thing to have when that Devil comes back whispering shame in your ear. It has helped me not pick it back up for almost a year now!!
So, if you’re holding onto shame and guilt, I urge you to please do this for yourself. Do this for others in your life. You become so much lighter and happier when you finally let it all go. That helps you Iive, love, trust, and more much easier. That makes living your best life much easier. Oh how I wish I had done this before shame helped play a role in completely changing the course of my life and the life of some I loved deeply. Please, please, please, don’t wait as long as I did. Go to God and ask Him to show you all that you need to let go of tonight. Then get serious about letting it all go. Get serious about living your best life.  ❤

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