You Are So Loved…

0BEBBC90-3EB5-429D-969D-5D7FBBAE1E84.jpegI remember when I was around 9 or 10 my sister and I were in the back of my dads vehicle while he sang “My Girls” to us to the radio. I can still almost 30 years later remember how loved I felt in that moment. Feeling beautiful, loved, worthy, all those things a fathers love does for a girl. As the years went on our relationship went south. It’s complicated. But a girl without a fathers constant love is a lost girl in the world in a lot of ways.
I still feel at times like a 10 year old girl looking longingly for love. Looking for that you belong feeling. That you are worthy of all I have feeling. That I wouldn’t change you for the world feeling. All those feelings a girl should feel first with her father. Growing up without that consistently and then not at all, I have always carried a feeling of inadequacy around with me. And that has led to a grown woman constantly looking for validation. Usually in unhealthy ways. Looking for that love and acceptance that should have been freely given me, I have been made to believe that I have to earn it. Fight for it. Deserve it first. I’m always a little girl dancing around (mentally) looking for validation.
Is that you tonight too? Looking for validation from others? Is this something that you feel has been a driving force in your life? Join me then! Join me in finally going to the only source that can satisfy this deep need. The kind of love we need, specifically the love of a parent, can only come from God. From our Heavenly Father. Only He can fill that void, that hole, we have in us. Make us feel unconditionally loved, cherished, worthy, simply for being us. No works or deeds done necessary. No earning required. Just as the love of a father should be. The more I look now to Him, the less I have to feel driven to find it in others.
Tonight friends let’s remember that we are Gods. We are His precious child. That alone makes us the automatic recipient of all He has to offer. All we have to do is accept it. Rest easy tonight knowing you don’t have to be that little child anymore, working so hard to get attention. You are seen! You are accepted! You are loved! You are wanted! You are special! You are everything God wanted when He created you! Simply by being you. ❤️

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