Stop Underestimating Yourself. And God…

34150613-9573-478A-BD94-6727F53180BD.jpegI had a sociology professor once, a mean man, who loved telling his students what he thought they were capable of. He called me into his office one day and informed me that he didn’t think I’d perform well on the last project. He said he knew I’d wait till the last minute and at best receive a “B” on it and subsequently in his class. He also invited a panel of hard to please judges he said to help judge our presentation. So time came and I got picked to go first. So I did my thing. Then the other 15 or so students did theirs. All of us being judged and graded as we spoke. At the end he got the privilege of announcing that this procrastinator he just knew wasn’t good enough, was one of only 3 to get a perfect score. And later an “A” in his class of course. I never did have the heart to tell him I wrote it the night before and only practiced it a few times.
People will underestimate you! Let them! The problem becomes when you start to believe it. I may not underestimate my ability to talk. 😜 But I do underestimate myself in other ways. Dangerous ways. I’m in a process of working on that. You have to believe in yourself fully to be able to live the life God wants for you.  And secondly as believers, God could just as easily say this to us. Well I know to me anyway. I’ve had huge moments where I totally underestimated God. Or at least His love for me, and what He’s willing to do for me. I’m also in a process to stop that too. It takes time to completely trust. It takes effort and determination. It takes having a personal relationship with God. Spending time with God getting to know Him, and myself better, is the key to doing this successfully. If you struggle with self worth and trusting God, it’s the same key for you too.
So today let’s lay down all our doubts, and pick up our Bible. Let’s read and soak in Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to hurt you. Plans to give you a hope and a future.” Let’s believe and walk like God has great things coming, and we deserve them. We can handle anything He blesses us with. For He equipped us to at our creation. Someday I hope to be as confident in God and myself in every way, as I am in my mouths ability to talk. 👍🏻 A gift He gave me as well. What are you doubting today? Pray with me “Dear God thank you for all the ways I am already enough. Help me to see them Lord. To use them to glorify you. And God thank you for being a more than enough God. Please help me to stop doubting your love for me and fully accept it. Help me to not doubt your plans Lord. To wait with an expectant heart, knowing and trusting you will provide. I love you God. In Jesus name. Amen.” ❤️

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