Longing For More Is Okay…

D4E7C68C-9F4F-405A-B16A-45FA9597AC9CTo the one longing for someone this Christmas. Be easy on yourself. Don’t for one second let the enemy make you believe that means you aren’t grateful for what you have. We as people were created in God’s image. God longs for relationship with us. We were created for relationship not just with Him but also with others. We as women were created to be a help mate. As men you were created to desire a help mate. Mark 10: 7-8 “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh.” Not having that in your life, male or female, leaves a hole in us that needs to be filled. A longing that is real. Acknowledge that in yourself. Give it the grace and validation, it deserves. Getting down on yourself, for being and longing for what God created you to be, is a losing battle. Don’t fight it. Instead lean into it. Lean into the sadness it brings. Lean into the anger it brings. And yes, lean into the jealousy of others it brings. That’s all natural. Just make sure you don’t get comfortable there. That’s where we start idolizing something missing in our lives, instead of just giving our feelings the respect they deserve.
I personally have moments of longing that I can’t hide or fight anymore. So I get in a quiet safe space and I cry, yell, or both, whatever my heart needs in the moment. I go to God with every tear, every fear, every hurt, all that not having a partner in life brings to me. I’m honest, even in my anger at God. I know He can take it. I cover myself in Gods word. I read how He has plans for me. I read how much He loves me. I read how He is always with me, good times and bad. Then I pray, asking for the strength to wait on the delivery of His plans. But wisdom enough to see all that I already have. I pray for help with my envious heart. I come to Him as the human I am, the one He created me to be. That is what He wants. Praise for Who He is, has done, and faith to trust Him for what has not yet come to pass. Tonight if you are feeling lost or wrapped up in a longing, I hope you’ll go to God with it. I hope you’ll allow Him to wrap His loving arms around you. I pray you’ll let His peace envelop you and calm your spirit tonight. I pray you lean not only into your longing, but God as well. Lord I pray for all who are hurting and longing this Christmas season, including myself. God help us to stay focused on Christ and the gift this holiday is. But also be brave enough to be honest about what we want, so it doesn’t consume us. Please help us to say it out loud to you whenever needed, and then trust you with it. Help us to show ourselves grace when the longing comes back. To remember we were created to love and be loved. And tonight to allow your love to be enough. We love you God. In Jesus name, amen. ❤️

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