Stand Tall. Even In The Face Of Rejection…

122AB5FF-44A9-4A5B-8A83-D27C96E90A20.jpegVulnerability. Nobody like to be vulnerable to anyone. No one likes to open themselves up to being hurt, being rejected. Jesus gets that. He came to this world naked, just a little baby depending on others for His every need. Then He went out into a world filled with hate and pride, with a message of love, peace, and the people’s need for God over themselves. Then Jesus went to the cross. Beaten and berated by the very people He was about to die for. Hung for all to see and mock Him. That’s vulnerability at its finest. Jesus gets being vulnerable and being rejected. He understands standing in front of others saying “this is who I am, this is what I believe, this is what I stand for, without being willing to compromise for anyone’s approval. He took on being spit at, screamed at, laughed at, beaten, and nails on a cross. He did this all for us. He did this for you. Knowing full well that we could and at times would reject him. He did this so that through Him, we could stand up to anything and anybody with the knowledge that we are never facing things alone. That we as children of God, are covered by His blood, Gods grace, and strength through Him. (I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13) Jesus’s willingness to being vulnerable, makes it easier for us to do the same in our lives. But we have to get there first. We have to get so In tune with who we are through Christ, that no other opinion of us matters. Our human flesh can be very difficult to overcome in this area. This is not something we will learn to do overnight. It will take time, patience, dedication, and a few trial runs to just begin to get this right. Rejection stings. And it’s sting can be felt long after we accept it. It’s a constant reminder to be afraid of vulnerability. But we are not doing this alone. As always, as a child of God, He is with us and goes before us. So, how do we even begin?
First, as always we go to God. Letting our guard down, that’s a rough one. That’s why I suggest you start by being your true self with God. That’s what I’m doing. Holding nothing back from Him. Going in front of Him with all my junk. Laying it all out there, being emotionally naked with no masks to cover me. The best part about this is He already knows. You can fool people. You can even fool yourself at times. But you can’t fool God. So when you go to God in an open and honest way, you aren’t telling Him anything He doesn’t already know. It’s a safe space to practice being real. And once we get comfortable with that kind of vulnerability, we are better prepared to take it out to others.
That takes us to the second thing. I don’t suggest going to just anyone at first to test out your new found freedom. It takes time to be ready to fully be open to rejection. I am starting with those I know and trust first. Finally being truthful with them about who I am. Again no masks. Being honest about my past, my fears, my true feelings. Giving them the opportunity to embrace, accept, and love the true me. This can be hard even with people who already love us. The enemy loves to tell us that no one could ever love the real us. It’s the image they love, not us. We have to fight through that lie, the easiest way I know to start is by going to the ones I trust most. I remember having to confess something to a friend that I just knew she would judge me for. After all, I did. But she met my confession with nothing but love and grace. The same way God meets us. Once we have “mastered” being vulnerable with those we trust most, then we can step out into the world.
This will be a trial and error thing. I still cringe at the thought of being honest and real with people I meet.
Third thing we must do is go in prepared. We must stay in Gods truth daily. We must be armored at all times, guarding ourselves from the enemy’s darts. We must not only read Gods word, but accept it for ourselves. One thing that helps me is to put in “I” or “me”statements wherever they are applicable. For example, John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son. Whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” I read out loud “For God so loved me that He gave is one and only son. If I believe in Him I will have everlasting life. I have a bad habit of believing that God accepts everyone as is but me. Has plans for everyone but me. So personalizing scripture helps me with that. Try it if you struggle like I do. The more we do this the easier it will get to see ourselves as God does. To see our worth as God does. To look to Him for our validation and not the worlds. Again this takes time. Be gracious with yourself. Please. And when you do find yourself falling in the trap of needing mans approval, simply stop and pray. Call out to God for help, for protection. Ask Him to guard your heart in His truths. This is where knowing His truths comes in to play in a big way. Having scriptures to fall back on is very vital at these times. I have Jeremiah 29:11 on my wall. It’s a life verse of mine. It reminds me when I start to feel God has plans for everyone but me, that He knows His plans for me and that they are for good. When you start to feel alone in this world go to Deuteronomy 31:6. Tell yourself over and over that you face nothing alone. When you feel weak in the face of rejection go to Isaiah 41.10. When you feel anxious in the face of rejection go to 1 Peter 5:7. When you feel tempted to compromise in the face of rejection go to 1 Corinthians 10:13. When you feel broken in the face of rejection go to Psalm 147:3. Use these verses as well as finding others that help you. Make them a part of your being. Then when rejection comes calling, as it will, you will be ready to answer. Fully aware of its inability to condemn or control you. As always I’m praying for you.

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