Getting To The Root Of The Problem…

30B109C1-ADD9-46A1-BC37-6C15554F7C56What’s the root cause? Ever heard that before? It’s said for a reason. Because most of the time what we are seeing is being caused by something under the surface we can’t see. Tonight the words “stop settling for superficial healing and get down to what’s deep in there” came to my mind. That’s a loaded statement. But one I take to heart. Most of us have roots that are rotting. They have been poisoned by hurt, betrayal, abuse, neglect, gossip about us, abandonment, and more. These things cause us to do things we believe is the problem. Addictions, sleeping around, treating others unfairly, being insecure, and more. But those things are the symptom not the problem. Therefore the solution can’t be to simply stop doing these things. That’s a superficial healing. No. We have to dig down deep to the root cause. This can be very difficult and painful. Ripping up things from the depths of which we have tried so desperately to bury them. But we can’t heal what we won’t face. Nothing can ever be permanently fixed if we aren’t brave enough to face what’s been broken in us. That’s why most of us fail at fixing our problems. We try by fixing the symptoms. Trying to stop numbing the pain until the pain wins again. It’s a never ending battle for some. Tonight I implore you to stop trying to superficially fix your life. Go to God. Ask Him to help you see what your true problems are. What’s causing you to act out the way you do. Ask Him to help you with the pain of whatever He helps you uncover. This will take time. And you may not be able to stop your symptoms right away. But I promise you through first hand testimony. In time you will need those things you were doing to cover your pain less and less, the more time you spend with God. Get in a Christ centered recovery group too. Surround yourself with those that understand. If you need to know how message me. I have gone through one myself. Letting go of pain is never something to do alone.  Then you can strengthen your roots. Never having to fear the wind again. ❤️

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