This Is Me… The Real Me…

7907A9A3-6567-4967-B53D-17A16CD1A006.jpegI had my pre-k students draw how they saw themselves. Some are pretty interesting. 😊 But I thought about us adults as I hung these up. If I asked you to draw how you see yourself what would your drawing look like? Would you draw a bunch of scars to showcase your pain, would you use the color red to showcase all your sins and regrets? Would you draw yourself in one piece or in many pieces? Would you draw yourself smiling with joy, or frowning with grief and despair? Would you draw light around you or would you be in darkness? Would you draw yourself holding a lot of baggage or with hands that are free?
Here’s the thing, if most of us were honest, our true drawing would not be how we usually present ourselves to others. Not to be dishonest, but out of fear of rejection. The enemy wants nothing more than for us to believe no one could love the real us. To riddle us with so much insecurity, causing us to wear so many masks, even we forget who we are. If we forget who we are, it’s not hard to get us to forget Who made us. And once we forget or think less about God, the enemy has an opening to do his selfish work. And it’s s pretty easy job from there.
So we need to work on how we carry ourselves and how we see ourselves. Using Gods eyes instead of our own. Once we learn how to do that, how we see ourselves will begin to line up with who we show others. (Not that you should ever have to hide who you are ever. Just wanted to make that clear.) However, it’s imperative to living our best life, that we be as healthy as possible. That way one day who we share as our true selves, will actually be our true selves. Think about it, how awesome would it be to live completely genuinely? That’s the mission I’m on. I had to admit my masks and then begin working with God to put them down. Again the masks are usually for self protection, but they eventually get in our way of the life we were meant to live. If we never let go of who we pretend to be, we can never find and become who we were meant to be. We can’t get ourselves together, while pretending we have it all together. It just doesn’t work that way. I for one am ready to finally be who God created me to be. To finally feel whole in Him as I was created to be. Are you?
So how can we get our self image to line up with Gods? Simple. We read His word and spend time with Him allowing Him to love on us. We can’t know who we are, if we know nothing about the One who created us in His own image. We can’t know how loved, forgiven, worthy, flawlessly made, capable through Christ we are, and more, if we never read Gods words on the matter. We also can’t know that Satan has already lost the war if we don’t read it in the Bible. We can’t know that Satan is the Father Of Lies if we aren’t made aware through scripture. Being surrounded by Gods word and truth daily is our best way to beat the enemy at his own game.
Here Are some scriptures to get you started. 1 Thessalonians 5:5 Romans 8:37 Hebrews 3:1 1 Peter 2:9 Jeremiah 1:5 Romans 8:1 Philippians 1:6 Romans 8:28 Ephesians 2:10 Psalm 139:14 Ephesians 1:3-6 Colossians 1:21-22. Go to God today and everyday. Allowing Him to finally be the One to tell you who you are. Yes, there will probably be some work to do in order to live healthy. With God always by your side, you never have to do it alone. And one day we will be able to see and draw ourselves as the masterpiece of Gods we are! Here’s to living our best lives, finally free to be us!!! As always I’m praying for you.

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