Childhood Memories: Only One Always Lives Up To The Hype.

9701B571-E271-4CCB-A2D3-2F111D0FD8F3.jpegDid you ever have an easy bake oven or a snoopy snow cone machine? I did. And I remember as a child being so excited about them. I would spend hours playing,  As a child those little cakes seemed so big and extra sweet. And the snow cones I made seemed to always be more than enough. It didn’t seem to me then that it took an amazing amount of effort either. They were perfect to me in every way. Filling all my little girl needs for sweets and cold beverages.
Then I played with them as an adult. First it was the oven. I had such high hopes as I mixed my ingredients and placed them in the oven. First thought I had was that it seemed to be taking longer than it did when I was a child. (No it was not the one I had as a child so it wasn’t old worn out bulb.) I waited it out anticipating the childlike fun of eating my easy bake cake. Finally it was done! As I bit into it I felt almost immediate disappointment. It did not taste as good, as sweet, as I remember it as a child.
Then some years later I had a friend who still had his snoopy snow cone machine. We decided one night, well I talked him into, making snow cones like we did as kids. We quickly realized how much effort it was taking to create just a tiny bit of shaved ice. We tried to keep the excitement going, but it soon fizzled out. I was super bummed! It was another childhood memory not living up to its name. 71B8F9B7-FA69-45C7-9269-4D781994EEEB.jpeg
Then I had a different experience with something I had so much faith in as a child. This time I was in my early thirties. Looking to reconnect with something that use to bring me so much joy and hope as a child. It was my faith in God. As a child it was the sweetest thing. I had no doubt that God would always deliver the goods. That He would protect me and keep me going. But like a lot of us do, I lost that along the way. Somewhere between adolescence and adulthood I no longer believed. I was afraid of being let down again. Luckily for me I had a friend who never gave up on me.
I finally gave in and went to a function at her church. I at that point was so low I figured what have I got to lose. I remember at the end of our time there, they had put a tent out where they placed a journal and a pen. We were invited one by one to go in and write anything we wanted to say to God. I remember going in so moved by my time there, frantically writing. The only thing I could remember writing was, “Help me have the faith in you I had as a child. It was so easy then.” I wiped my many tears away, walked out and went on my way. I decided to go to church with my friend again that coming up Sunday. It happened to be Easter Sunday, 3 days after “The Journey To The Cross” event we had just attended. The band came out and began singing. Not one minute in and I hear, “Having faith in me when you were younger was easy. But I haven’t gone anywhere” come out of the singers mouth. To this day I don’t know if that’s what she actually sang, or it’s what God said just for me. Either way God had extended His hand back out to me in a way I could not deny. So I grabbed it. That was 11 years ago this Easter.
I wish I could write for you to read now that my life has been easy peasy since then. It hasn’t. In fact I’ve faced some of the most difficult times of my life since then. The difference being I did not face them alone this time. You see there are things we remember from our childhood that our child like wonderment had made seem so much bigger, sweeter, and easier to produce with. However when we go back as adults they can’t live up to the hype we and our memory have put on them. God is not one of those things. God is and always will be just as sweet as we remember, just a big as we remember, and easy to enjoy. And unlike with that snoopy snow cone machine, the effort will never be more than the yield. We can’t out effort Gods grace, love, forgiveness, peace, and more. That my friend will always surpass our expectations. ❤️

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