Throwing Truth Bombs On The Enemy…

AD5BD9A1-CC6C-431E-927E-A994774EEC8F.jpegIf we know that Satan is the father of all lies, then we can trust that the opposite of what he is telling you is true. (John 8:44)
“You will fail anyways so quit trying.” I deal with this one a lot. I’m sure I’m not the only one the enemy comes after with this one. This blog and my Facebook and Instagram pages are where he hits me hard. Telling me that I have nothing to say and even if I did not everyone cares. So I tell him (sometimes after a pity party I’ll admit) that he’s right. I have nothing to say, but God does. And that I only need one to care and then I’ve made a difference in my obedience. Yes my human flesh wants to be the next Joyce Myers. 😜 However as I begin to work through this pride thing, I can see clearer that helping only one, is way better than helping none. Is there something you want to do but can’t get past the failure voice?
(Galatians 6:9)
(Revelation 21:7)
(Jeremiah 29:11)
“You are alone in your fight” Satan wants nothing more than for you and I to believe we are the only one hurting. That no one else gets it, understands, or cares. The more alone and isolated he can get us, the easier his job becomes. That’s another reason I write. To make it known that you are not alone. That someone else understands and has made it through despairing loss and grief. Has come back from guilt, regret, anger, and more. The enemy wants to silence hope, hope that can be found in knowing we are understood and cared for. He also wants you and I to believe we are alone in our temptation fight. That no one else is tempted like we are by sinful acts. That leads to us feeling dirty and unworthy of Gods goodness and grace. Let’s not let him do this anymore with his lies.
(1 Corinthians 10:13)
(1 Peter 4:19)
(Hebrews 13:5)
“You need certain people or things of this world in order to be happy.” This is the “if only” lie of Satan. “If only I had (fill in your own blank), then I’d be happy. I believe he does this for at least two reasons. First, to make sure we are never content. Have you ever noticed that once we get what’s in that blank of ours, something else is waiting to take its place. If we are always hungry for things of the world, our sight will always be on this world. Not on God. Second, he can say “Well if God really loved you, you would have this.” This can get us angry with God. I know it has me at times. Truth is, God knows us better than we know ourselves. Giving us all we want, right when we want it, could do much more harm than good. This is a big place where trust comes in. Not just trust in God’s existence, but that He wants us to have all we truly need to be happy. He wants good for us. Are you feeling today like you are lacking all you need to be happy?
(1 John2:15-17)
(Proverbs 27:20)
“All you can see and touch is all there is.” Again keeping our eyes off of heavenly things, and on earthly ones. Satan knows that we are tangible beings, meaning we trust and believe in things we can see and touch, better than in things we can’t. That’s why faith is so hard. Not just faith in God, but faith in the life he wants to give you. There are things happening that we can’t see, and we become victims to our limited view. If Satan can get us to believe that nothing good is coming, because all we can see right now is bad, then again his job becomes much easier. Mind tricks. Satan is nothing but mind tricks. Are you struggling to have faith in what you can not see? (John 20:29)
(2 Kings 6:17)
“You are unloved.” This one gets me a lot, because I am single. Even though romantic love is a small portion of the love in our lives. Along with this one usually also comes, “You aye unworthy of love.” Needing to be and feel loved is a huge part of who we are as people. If Satan can get us to believe that no one really loves us, or even better, that no one ever will, he’s got us. We will do anything to prove that wrong. And once we do these things, we feel further away from God than ever. Now not only are we “unworthy” of people, but of God too. Satan knows he’s got us! We will be caught in a wheel of despair from there, turning that wheel as fast as we can, but getting no where. Are you feeling unloved, unworthy of love today?
(Psalm 86:15)
(Zephaniah 3:17)
(Romans 5:8)
You have the power to stop the enemy in his tracks with the word of God! You have the power to shut that enemy down with the word of God! You have the power to take your mind and life back with the word of God! So get into the word of God and do it! It’s time to remind that enemy that he has to flee at the truth! So throw some at him today!

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