Stop The Comparison Trap…

F7AF5C78-0058-40B9-8738-83E16D830D29.jpegYesterday in my blog “How To Rebuild After Happily Ever After Falls Apart” I talked about Ruth. Ruth was a woman who lost her husband and was forced to redirect her life. One thing Ruth had going for her that we don’t today, is that she didn’t have everyone’s personal business at her fingertips. She did not have social media to help her fall into what I call the “comparison trap.” Can you imagine just how differently that Book might be written if the story of her life had Facebook or Instagram? Let’s just take a little look shall we?
Ruth gleaned in the fields all day and at the end of the day was satisfied with what she had. She felt it was enough. What if Ruth had Facebook and went on there to post a selfie of her and her bountiful barley. While doing this, she sees a picture of her friends selfie with her barley, which happened to be more than Ruth had gleaned. The selfie was tagged “Satisfying day in the field. Thank you God for always providing enough.” All of a sudden Ruth might start feeling like her enough was no longer enough. And that God blesses her friend way more than he does her. Also that may have prompted her to leave the field she had been told to stay in and was under protection in. (Ruth 2:8-9) Ruth could have easily thought “Well I’ll just go to that field. It seems to be better than where I am.” Leaving the protection she had behind her. We sometimes leave Gods protection for something we think is better.
Ruth also didn’t have other people’s relationships in her face all the time. She didn’t have to feel discouraged as couple after couple pics took over her news feed. This allowed Ruth to focus more on the right way to deal with her personal life. Not feeling those inadequate feelings we can all too often get. I know I can. This made it much easier to do what was right, instead of rushing just to be able to post “In A Relationship.” Ruth was able to sit still until the matter as done and she knew how it turned out. (Ruth 3:18) Ruth went on to be an ancestor of Jesus.
See, Ruth was able to be patient and wait without all the temptation social media gives us to rush or manipulate life, simply so we can be seen and admired for our great lives.
So what does that mean for us? Please let it be known that I’m not against Social Media, I believe it has some good points. However most of us can not argue with the fact that it leaves us feeling very inadequate at times. That it can make us question our lives and why others seem more blessed than us. Why everyone else seems to get it “all” but us? Truth is none of us know what happened after the camera was put down or before it was turned on. And though it’s not about wishing bad on people, we truly don’t know the lives these people lead off of Facebook or Instagram. We are comparing our entire life, or at least parts of it, to a snap shot. Feeling inadequate is running rampant these days among most people. The comparison trap is a very dangerous one. I myself have to sometimes take a break from it. Stop my scrolling through the lives of others. Or the parts they show anyways. I have to take time to remind myself of the blessings I have, even if they don’t look like everyone else’s.
I wonder how much better our lives would be if we could keep our eyes off of others and on ourselves and God only. How much peace might that bring you? To stop comparing and start declaring all you have to be thankful for. Allowing yourself to be at peace, to be still, until you know how the matter of your life will turn out. Trusting God with it all. As always I’m praying for you.

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