Waiting Out Your Saturday…

29639DE1-D0B6-4BBA-94A4-37C9BD58BFC7.jpegThis is short but I wanted to share it with you on here.

Today is Good Friday. A day that a man blameless (John 19:4) in all accounts was beaten, spit on, hung on a cross for all to see, is called Good. Today, but not back in biblical times. Good Friday is not mentioned in the Bible. See on that Friday nothing seemed good about what just happened. Well except to those who schemed this harsh death for Jesus. To all others, those who loved Jesus, who flowed Him, it was anything but a good day. Unlike us, even though some had been told, they didn’t know what was coming. They  only mourned a death that day.
Our lives can be a lot like that sometimes. You may even be in that moment now. Where things just look hopeless for whatever reason. All that you can see around you is loss and hopelessness. You are being driven by only what you can see.
There is a waiting period between loss and resurrection of hope, life, love, and whatever else was lost. Just like with Jesus and those who loved Him. I call that “Waiting out my Saturday.” That time in between really accepting what is done, what’s gone, and God working His miracles. How long my Saturday is and your Saturday is may not be the same. What we need to get through it is though. Faith, trust, an open dialogue with God and others, Gods word and promises daily, (I live with Jeremiah 29:11 all around me). We need to breath in and out the hope that knowing God Loves us gives. Remembering that even when all looks lost, God has the final say.
Today is Good Friday. Why? Because we have the knowledge that even death can’t stop our God. That after Saturday a miracle is coming! Go to God today and thank Him for yours. Even if it’s not your Resurrection Sunday yet. (John 20:29) I’m always praying for you.

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