Leave Your Grave Behind…

72623214-058B-4C3A-832E-B0A82AB9F643.jpegThe tomb was empty. (Luke 24:1-12) Jesus once dead under the weight of sin (yours and mine) now lives. Death thought it had won. People thought they had gotten the better of Jesus, of God. The tomb was empty. Jesus who thought to be lost forever had come back. The enemy had lost all his power over us. The tomb was empty. Jesus once buried hidden behind a boulder, shut off from the world, now was free. Death had forever lost its sting.
Some of us today if we are honest are needing a resurrection of our own. We live in death more than we do in life. Buried under the weight of our own sin and regret. The very thing Jesus defeated on this day. Feeling suffocated under what others have done to us. Allowing others to get the better of us, not realizing Jesus already did the best for us. And that no man (or woman) holds that kind of power. We live daily believing that we are lost forever. That there is no coming back from where we have been. We allow the enemy to have power over us we shouldn’t. Allowing him to tell us what we are worth. We hide behind walls we have built up. Doors we have shut. Believing that will keep us from harm. No one can get in. But we also can’t get out. We are stuck behind all our defenses. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
Today is the day all of that can begin to change. Just decide to say, “Jesus if You left the grave behind you, so will I.” Today is your day of resurrection and I want it to be mine too. I no longer want to feel crippled and buried under my guilt, shame, regrets, addiction, anger, anxiety, bitterness, jealousy, lust, or doubt. I want to rise up with you, remembering that I can. (Romans 8:11) Today is the day we celebrate your raising from the dead. Today Jesus help me come back to life too. Leaving my own grave behind.
Jesus we thank you for taking on all we couldn’t. Thank you for suffering, losing your own life, so I could find mine. So anyone reading this can find theirs too. Thank you for the cross Jesus. Thank you for showing us that nothing and no one is greater than our God. Happy Resurrection Sunday! 🙌🏻❤️

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