A Dress Was My Temporary Undoing…

DCD97A18-169F-496C-8AE3-A9725C70B36DA dress was my temporary undoing the other day. I hadn’t thought about it in a while. But now I must face this dress as I must decide what to do with it. A dress that I chose with care that I couldn’t wait to wear. A dress that I had little touches sewn into, to bring special memories to mind when that day was looked back on. A dress that meant the world to me. My wedding dress.
That dress was never worn. It never got to be praised for how beautiful it was. It never got to show off it’s special little details to the one they were made for. It was never used for what it was created for, to help someone begin their new life. It now sits alone hanging up, waiting. Waiting for it’s time to shine. Waiting for it’s time to be used for its purpose.
I identify with this dress a lot. It was created, intricately sewn together, every detail specifically chosen, for a special purpose. But now it waits.
I too know that I was intricately pieced together by my creator. (Psalm 139:13-14) Each piece of me chosen for a specific reason. (Ephesians 2:10) Now it feels like I wait. Wait for my time. And though there are ways I’m used each day by God, I still can’t help feel I’m not being used to my full potential. I also have certain desires and hopes that are left unfulfilled.
Maybe you can relate. Maybe you too have had to let go of something or someone you never thought you would have to. Maybe like me you have that last piece you must let go of. Healing, complete healing, requires total surrender unfortunately. That’s why I believe it takes so long. We let go piece by piece until nothing is left to mourn. My heart goes out to you my friend. I promise you as one tattered human to another, healing does come. Hope begins to be restored again. God knows that hurt very well and is waiting to help you heal if you haven’t already reached out to Him. (Psalm 34:18-19) I am 2 years in and I’m still healing. So don’t get down or feel like there is Something wrong with you if your process takes a while. Don’t rush it.
Or maybe it’s not letting go, but the not feeling like you are being used by God to your full potential. Maybe that you identify with. I can get in my own way too often with self doubt, maybe you can too. I want you to know my friend, just as I’m crying out to know, that you are worth so much. You have much to offer. (Ephesians 2:10) Ask God to start showing you. Pray for an open heart to receive it. I spend time with God daily. I talk to Him throughout the day. Mostly because I couldn’t do this without Him. But also to find my way. I would suggest the same to anyone who is looking to be fully used by Him too. It’s not about what you say, but Who you say it to. Simply call out for help whenever you feel you are losing your way. Call out to the one Who not only sewed you together, but knows exactly why!
As for me and this dress i still don’t know. The thought of the dress I chose and made special changes to, being worn by someone else, is too much in this moment for me. It might seem silly to some, but probably because they’ve never had to do this. If you’re needing to let go of something too, like I said earlier, take your time. The pain may have been instant, but complete healing isn’t. Pray for strength and ability to accept. Then along with Gods help you will know when you are ready. Till then my sweet friend, rest in the arms of your Heavenly Father. And remember there is no prize for healing first. But for healing to your fullest there is your best life waiting for you to claim. As always I’m praying for you. Feel free to do the same for me.

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