The Time In Between…

9BB66EF6-20BC-49E8-8B3E-0B0732B879F7The time in between. That time between the prayer and the answer. The time between loss and restoration. The time between the promise and the delivery of that promise. This is sometimes called “the hallway” because we are waiting for a door to open after another closed. This can be a very difficult time in people’s lives. It can be a painful, frustrating, scary time. It’s also a very important time. I myself am in a hallway. I have been for years. Sure there have been some doors that have opened from time to time, but none that were meant to stay that way. I feel as if I have two hallways. If that’s possible. I have one that I call “What’s my purpose?” hallway. And the other is finding a husband and having a family hallway. Two very big ones am I right? These at times can leave me feeling lost, unsure, afraid, unworthy, unloved by God, and forgotten by God. I have to be very intentional on not allowing these lies to become my truths. I prayed over this blog for what God wanted His children to know about their own waiting period. What popped up in my head right after we’re these words. “I love you even in the hallway. I have not forgotten you even in the hallway. And just now He is telling me, I see you even in the hallway.
The enemy wants us to believe the opposite of those words you just read. He will fill our minds with things like, “If God loves you so much then why doesn’t He just give you what you ask for. I would.” Or, “You know why God hasn’t answered yet right? You aren’t worthy after all you’ve done. God isn’t going to give you that.” (Side note: This one got me. It’s the lie that took me down.) There are many other ways in which the enemy tries to get us. “You’re not good enough, strong enough, smart enough, it’s too big for you to do, and more. It’s my prayer and hope that today is the day you and I stop that enemy in his tracks and yell back, “I don’t have to be strong enough, big enough, smart enough, at least not on my own. I am a child of God! And through Him I am always enough!” Satan can’t defend that truth with a lie. So he will fight us every way he can along the way, just hoping we never reach that truth. The truth that renders Satan powerless. Because we just took ur power back!
Most of us know the story of David. The smallest of all his brothers. The least likely to get picked in gym class. You know like I was. Like some of you reading this were. David was the one no one thought of as being chosen by God. In fact is own father didn’t even put him in the line up to be chosen. Talk about feeling the love of family right? But see the thing about David is, he didn’t use that as an excuse to be reckless or blow off his responsibilities. In fact when it was his time to be chosen he was right where he was suppose to be. Doing the tasks he had been given to do. That’s important here because so many of us can waste time being in the wrong places, not being where God can get to us. We believe the lie that we deserve to do whatever it is we are doing because of how others have treated us. I know I spent many years not being where God could get to me. Are you where God can get to you today?
God chose David that day as He had always intended to. However, David had one heck of a hallway period! He was chased by the King, marked for death by him. There’s other amazing things about David’s life up until being made king as God promised he would be. You will find David’s story in the book of Samuel. What I want you to get today though is this. No ones road to their purpose in life is easy. Especially if it’s a road of true purpose that is Gods plan for them. It’s not just you who struggles here. So stop allowing Satan to tell you that you are. Secondly God remembers His promises no matter how long or what it takes to get you there. It took the Israelites 40 years and it should have only taken about 12 days. But the promised land was still delivered to them. Today, go to God in prayer. Ask Him to help you in your wait. Ask Him to show you how you can still be used by Him even in your hallway. Ask Him to help you feel His love and presence in your life. Ask Him for the patience to wait. And whatever else you feel you need from Him today. Please remember that you are not alone. That you are seen, known, worthy, and loved. That’s what being a child of God means!

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