What God Can Do With Our “Not Enough.”

05C06B40-2EEA-4540-AA92-03E8B1F864A6The Bible is filled with people who were used by God who on paper did not have enough to be useful. We will get to some examples in a minute. First though, I don’t know about you, but I can often feel like I’m lacking. Like what I have is not enough. I’m a single woman who teaches pre-k in North Carolina. I don’t make a lot, I don’t have a lot, but I do have enough. That’s what I’m learning. That when I bring my not a lot to God, He makes it enough according to His will. I watched God supply money when I couldn’t work for almost a year due to illness. I watched insurance premiums get paid with no money from work coming in. I saw shelter always being provided when I technically was homeless. I saw so much more of God’s provision too in that time. When I look back on it to this day it still amazes me! That’s where you and I need to be, in the place of surrendering our “not enough” to the One Who is enough.
Take David for example. He was a young boy, the least of his brothers, who his father only found useful to watch the sheep. He had “not enough” written all over him according to people, maybe even himself. But God saw more! He saw what He Could do through David as long as David allowed Him to. He used David, this “I’m just a sheep watcher”, and a tiny rock to take down a giant. And not just any giant. But a giant that many much bigger men had tried to take down before but failed. And let’s not forget that later God took David to be king over His people. He used someone who others saw as “the least of these” and made the most out of him.
Next, let’s take a look at a little boy who brought his “not enough” and became a part of one of Jesus’s miracles. I am of course talking about the 5 loaves and 2 fishes. In the books of the New Testament we find the recalling of this miracle. John 6:9, “Here is a boy with 5 small barley loaves and 2 small fish, but will they go among so many?” This little boy had to speak up to tell the disciples what he had. They didn’t just know. That little boy could have just as easily kept quiet, so sure what he had to offer would never be enough. We have that choice too. To stay quiet. To decide we don’t have enough to offer. Or we can have the faith of a child and say, “ Here is what I have Lord. Use it as only you can. As you see fit.” Because that little boy decided to speak up, and offer up, thousands and thousands were fed and saw the miracle of Jesus. Not only were they physically fed that day. They were spiritually fed too. What have you been holding back maybe? Worried it’s not enough.Who could you be helping see the miracle of Jesus with just a little faith in God’s ability to multiply what we offer up to Him?
Yesterday I was on my way to church and did not plan on stopping for gas. Though I probably should have. However I got down the road and realized I had forgotten something. So I had to turn around and backtrack. It was after that I decided to get gas. While pumping I was approached by a man who needed food. I myself don’t have a lot of money to offer. But I could offer him up a meal to help get him through the night. So I did. I prayed after that he was not just fed physically but spiritually too. And I wished I had mentioned God to him. I didn’t. I told God how sorry I was for that, but please somehow let him feel your love even though my words failed. What I had to offer this man wasn’t much. I can only hope that it was used to be a miracle in some way to that man. You may be like me, a person of limited means. You may think that you don’t have enough to offer. We see in the miracle of the loaves and fishes that God doesn’t need a lot from us. He only needs us to be willing to bring to him what we have. He will do the rest. We also have things other than monetary means to bring to God. It’s not all about material things. We have our heart, our time, our talents, and our lives, to offer up too. And again God will use them in a way only He can. You just have to be willing to use them for God.
It’s my prayer that God uses these words to show you and assure you today that you are enough. That you have enough. That when what you have gets placed in his hands it can actually become more than enough. Not only did they have enough to feed those thousands of people but they had more than enough! John 6:12, “When they had all had enough to eat, He said to His disciples, gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.” I hope you and I decide to keep offering to God what we have to offer. That we surrender it to Him allowing Him to multiply it beyond our wildest dreams!
Little side note here: Jesus before he did anything with the bread and fish he thanked God for what was already in his hands. Then God blessed it and multiplied it. Sometimes I can get caught up in what I’m not holding that I don’t say thanks for what I am. We must remember to thank God for all of our blessings. That comes first always!
If you’ve seen a way God has multiplied your “not enough” please leave it in the comment section. I would love to read it. You never know how it might bless me and others. Be blessed today and everyday! 💕

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