Going After The Life We Still Can’t See…

But I just can’t see it…
I thought of this the other day while driving, the idea that if we can’t see something, then it can happen. How sometimes we miss out on what’s meant for us, because we never go after it. Why? Because we can’t see how it could ever happen. After all, nothing like that has ever happened before. I remember saying the thought of “the best way to predict the future is to look at the past” one night in Bible study. That thinking alone caused me a lot of pain. That nothing will last cause nothing ever had before. I have had to work really hard with God to break that way of thinking.
Maybe you too feel this way. That nothing good in life could possibly be coming. And if it did surely it wouldn’t last. So why get your hopes up? Or, certainly God can’t use me, I have nothing to offer. Or, surely I can’t accomplish that, why even bother trying. Maybe like me you say, “I just can’t see it God, how or why you’re calling me to this.” I thought of a man in the Bible who was asked by God, called to do something that made no sense. First of all that God asked this man, and also that the need for it seemed crazy. For no one had ever seen what was about to happen ever before. I’m talking about Noah.
Noah was not a carpenter (Genesis 9:20). He did not possess the skills already one would need to build an ark. He easily could have said “But I don’t see how God? I’m not trained to do that, I’m just a man of the soil after all.” God didn’t call Noah based in His ability but based on His availability. Noah was obedient to God. That’s what ultimately made him the man for the job. Is there something God is calling you to but you feel unequipped? God does the equipping not us. We simply show up and say, “Here I am God. Use me.” I know that makes it sound so easy. I also know it’s not. No easier than building a huge boat, no experience or any idea where to begin. God worked through Noah, He wants to work through you and I too. That leads to the next thing in Noah’s life. Faith.
Hebrews 11:7 “By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family. By his faith he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness that is in keeping with faith.” By faith. There are arguments as to whether or not Noah had ever seen rain before. If he would ever seen a need for a boat. Whether it had ever rained before or not, it certainly had never rained enough to flood before. Noah could have easily said, “But that’s never happened before. I just can’t see how. Or why the need for such a thing.” For this blog I want to focus on the, “I just can’t see how.” I know for myself this is a big hurdle, the believing “it” could happen. I have several “its” in my life. If I only go by past events, they will never happen. If I go by past hurts, let downs, loss, failures, there is no way. I just can’t see it. How about you? Are you finding it difficult to see a future holding anything different than the past does? Are you, like I can still at times, doubting a flood of blessings God is waiting to give you? Like Noah did, we must learn to walk in faith. To say, “Okay God, though I’ve never seen that before, I’ll trust you.” Then we work with God daily to prepare for the falling of blessings waiting to be given from God above.
I don’t know how to tell you to do this, other than to start by praying, calling out to God for help. Maybe pray out, “God you know what I’ve seen. What I’ve endured. I want to believe better is possible, is coming, but I can’t do it alone. Please help me God.” Then day by day read the Bible, pray, listen for God to speak, listen to only worship music, (any style works they all praise God), get involved in a Bible Study. I myself do Celebrate Recovery. I love it! Google it, it’s a great way to get over past hurts. Simply put, Do life with God. Day by day it will begin to get better. Hope will begin to find a home in your heart again. I don’t sell a quick fix here, I’m 2 years into my own rebuilding after great loss. I am however currently in the process of having my first children’s book published. I’ve delivered a couple of Sunday Sermons recently, I’m blogging, growing a ministry, all things I couldn’t see coming. It is possible that the past has no bearing on our future.
What about you? How could I be praying for you to let go and move on. Or maybe you already have begun to and are stepping out in faith. I’d love to hear your story. God is not held to what’s happened, or what is currently happening. He created an entire life sustaining planet from nothing. Surely he can bring life back for you too. Message me I’d love to help you in any way I can. 💕

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