Knowing Your True Worth…

And the soul felt it’s worth…
This is a line from O Holy Night. I heard it just a few moments ago and it really struck a chord with me like it never has before. A warmth came over my spirit. As a woman who has been on her own journey to find her worth, her place, this really spoke to me. We have a lot of people who try to tell us or show us our worth. Some do it in negative ways leaving us to believe we aren’t worth much. Sometimes we make our own mistakes, leaving us to believe we aren’t worth much. It can become a vicious cycle of fighting for our worth. Soon we will as believers, celebrate the birth of our Savior. The birth of our hope. The birth of a baby who would show us our true worth. Today and the days leading up to Christmas, let’s really dig into where our hope lies and where our worth is found. Our true worth, not what we ourselves, or others think we are worth. You my friend are worth more than what you’ve done or has been done to you. You are worth more than the inadequacies you feel you have. You are worth more than the lies you buy into. You are worth more than the goodbyes you have had said to you. You are worth more, more than you can imagine. That’s what the birth of Jesus shows us. That we are worth His leaving Heaven to come down to us here on Earth. To begin His mission of changing our lives here on Earth and for eternity as well. Let’s rejoice in the birth of our Savior with so much acknowledgement in our heart and spirit of Who He is. And who we are to Him and through Him. But we don’t have to wait, or only do this at Christmas. Everyday is the perfect day to celebrate our Savior and our worth through Him. That not only did He live to show us how loved and worthy we are, but He died for that too. So today my friend, please let your soul feel and know it’s worth. Rejoice in the joy that Jesus brings to your life. Knowing that no matter what, you are loved, welcomed, wanted, cherished, worthy of the ultimate sacrifice. Everyday is the best day to thank and praise our Lord for the gift of salvation. Take it with you everyday. The feeling of Christmas, the hope, the love, the laughter, the joy, all of it is yours for the taking daily. The simplest way to keep it, is to keep the gift of Jesus with you all your days. Even in the toughest of moments, you still have the blessing of being a child of God. And all that brings to your life. Everyday is a day for you to live worthy! ❤️

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