Moving Forward…

I know that I have been MIA the last few months or so. I’ve been sharing small posts of hope and Gods word through my Instagram “iamfortheone” but haven’t felt lead to share longer posts on here. As I refuse to force words, I decided to not write through this forum. Not that I don’t care or don’t believe in the need for me to share, I just haven’t been given any words to. I do however have some thoughts on how to change that moving forward.
In 2019 I plan on getting out into the world more. Take on things that require me to leave my comfort zone. Things such as a salsa dance lesson, a painting class with friends, a cooking class, and more. I want to move forward by living more in 2019!
To those of you who have so graciously chosen to follow me on here, thank you! And I am truly sorry for the lack of posts. If you’d like smaller posts but still packed full of hope and love, please come follow me on Instagram. Again it’s “iamfortheone”. There you will find post after post of how important you are to God, to the world. You’ll also get to know me a lot better.
Please don’t give up on me through here just yet though! I hope to share, chronicle this 43 year olds journey to never stop growing. How that will look I’m not sure yet, but I am super excited!
For now I wish you a very Merry Christmas! I hope to see you in the New Year! I look forward to a bright year filled with growth, healing, learning, and living as a light for Christ. 🤗

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