Here We Go…

It’s here! The beginning of a new year! 365 days lie ahead of us. Do you have any idea what you’ll do with yours? It can be overwhelming can’t it, trying to figure out what lies ahead of you from day one? Good news, you or I don’t have to have anything figured out. We don’t have to know what we will do in 2019 or any year to come for that matter. We only have to trust the One who already knows. If only that was as easy as that sentence made it sound.
I will never tell you or anyone that trusting comes easy to me, it doesn’t. It has taken days and days of living life one day at a time with God just to get me where I am now. I wish I could say that’s truly trusting God, but it’s not. Even after all He’s done I can still find myself doubting. How about you? Can you find yourself doubting God? Doubting what you and He can do together? You’re not alone.
If you remember there was a large group of people who continually doubted God. They rode a roller coaster of faith and doubt for 40 years, and God still got them where they were meant to be. I am of course talking about the Issrialites and their land of Milk and Honey. Not that we should strive to be like them, but they are a prime example of how God never gives up on His children. He won’t give up on you either, no matter how many times you ride that same roller coaster yourself.
A new year can hold so much promise, it can also hold defeat. That’s not being pessimistic, it’s simply true. However, knowing this we can still live out joy and hope, even amidst the unknown. How? By living each 365 days one day at a time. I myself have a lot riding on this year, things I started with God in 2018 will be answered this year. That does bring about some fear in me. It’s what I do with that fear that will determine whether or not I live in joy, peace, and hope. I must surrender all of my fears to God. The same goes for you. No matter what you are wanting to accomplish this year,whether you know what it is yet or not, you must surrender it all to God. Pray a simple prayer of surrender. “God, I have no idea what lies ahead of me this year, but I know You do. Please Lord help me today and everyday surrender it all to you.” Pray that daily, add to it as you go, adding to your list of surrender as it grows.
I have high hopes for 2019! High hopes for you and for me! I pray that surrender be our guarding force this year, keeping us from chasing empty things. When we fully give our lives over to God, we no longer want what’s not meant for us. We no longer feel the need to run after anything. We can simply be still and know that what’s meant for us will come to us. Yes we get up this year and show up, but we let God show off! May day one of 2019, be day one of the best of your life, and mine!

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