Cheers To Another Year Older. (And Wiser)

In 3 days I will be celebrating my 43rd birthday. It’s crazy to me how fast 42 flew by. However when I think back I know it was a very blessed year. Though my life looks nothing like I hoped it would at this age, it’s still my very blessed life. It’s weird how I thought I could never be happy unless my life held certain things. Life is showing me though there is so much to be thankful for and happy about.
First the people in my life. Do you have people in your life you simply can’t imagine trying to do life without. Maybe you don’t see them everyday day, maybe even go months without seeing or talking to each other. But when asked who your true people are their faces or names pop in your head and you smile. Today I started my bday celebrating early with a carbohydrate overload and even more girl talk with one of my people. We went to this restaurant called “The MAC House”. A restaurant devoted to Macaroni and cheese along with gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Here’s a pic of my Hamburger Mac and cheese. It was beyond yummy!
Looks good right? As good as the food was the time spent catching up with a friend was even better.
We all get crazy busy, we say we will get together more often, and then we never do. This year I want to change that, be around my village more. Do life with those that I owe my life to, more than I do with my couch. Maybe not so many carbs each time, but as many laughs for sure. Here’s a pic of me and my girl Christy. Not the best photo (man was it a windy day today) but the smiles are genuine.
This past year has taught me a lot, it’s also shown me how many people I have in my corner. Who are you doing life with? Who do you have that helps you see your best self even when you only see your worst. Who guides you back to God and not to the world when you lose your way? We all lose our way at some point and we all need people in our life who never give up on us when it happens.
We are meant to do life in community, not as a one person show. I tried to be a one person act for too long and it cost me a lot. Now I can see how important those God has placed in my life are. This year don’t go through any of it alone, reach out and do life with others. One of the best gifts God gives us is people. I for one want to cherish them more this year than I did last year. Maybe you need to reach out to someone and make that same effort. Our best life will always be one lived while loving others.

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