Living Again After Loss

Can anyone truly understand pain? Even if they are going through it or have. Can anyone really understand the amount of grief that a mind, heart, and body can bare? How in an instant it feels as if your heart has been ripped in half. The way your body can go limp as if every bit of energy has left you. The way your mind can race on the thought of what just was, is now no more. And yet we survive. Though we might not want to in the moment, we would give anything to make the pain end, even if for a brief time. But we survive! How can anyone truly understand such pain and loss.

There is someone who knows about love and loss. Who can understand on a deeper level than we as humans can fathom. God. His love runs so deep and strong for us that He sent Jesus knowing what it would cost Him. His only Son. That’s a love so strong that no amount of sacrifice is too big. Even as much as we love someone and mourn them, our human minds still can’t fathom Gods love. God understands how deep loss can hurt. That’s why we can trust in Him to get us through.

In the depths of our grief we at times can’t possibly imagine ever feeling any other way. We can’t see a way out of the pit of despair we are now trapped in. Darkness is all around us and the thought of any light shining again can seem impossible. But even the darkness that took over the world while Jesus died on the cross became light again. Matthew 27:45, “From noon until three in the afternoon darkness came over all the land.” As we all have enjoyed the rays of the sun we know light shined again. It can for you too even after a complete season of darkness. I may never have lost child like God did with Jesus, but I lost a relationship to my fiancé and the two children that would have become my family. I have known instant loss and pain. I have also with God found my way out of deep despair. No matter what you have lost, God can do the same for you. I would like to share with you today how I have. Though I may not understand your current pain, I have a close relationship to the One Who does. He is the same One who brought light back into my eyes, heart, and life.
First you must SURRENDER.
Surrender in worldly terms means to give up, to give up victory in a battle. Spiritually however it’s the only way to win. When we wave our pain flag, through the blood of Jesus God can restore it and us. When we surrender to God we are allowing Him to be the force in our life, the way in which we follow. And why is this so important? Because God has better intentions for us than we could ever know for ourselves. Here we must surrender our pain to God so He can use it to rise us up. Not keep us down as we have been doing up until the moment of surrender. It doesn’t mean we don’t have a right to our pain, it means we have a right through the blood of Jesus to use it for good and not evil.
Isaiah 64:8 “But now, O LORD, You are our Father, We are the clay, and You our potter; And all of us are the work of Your hand.” All that we go though, good and bad, is molding us. We have to allow it to though. We can’t hold on to the potter wheel and expect Gods masterpiece to emerge. Surrendering to His will, even when it hurts is key. Also surrendering that pain you’ve been clinging to for so long. It’s time to give ALL to God.
God please help me to surrender all to you today. Lord you know my pain, my sins, my need for you. Please show me anything I am holding back from you today. Please then give me the strength to admit and release them to you. Thank you God for loving me through all things. In Jesus name, Amen.
Take time with God to make sure you have fully done step 1. Give it to Him straight, He can take it.
Second you learn to combat the lies with God TRUTH. You must Read the Bible.
If there is one thing I have learned is this, The enemy (Satan) HATES it when we go to God. That’s why he does is best to keep us in our grief, to keep us lost in it. So naturally when we surrender to God that grief, when we repent and begin living life for God and not ourselves, Satan gets agitated. So He will do the only thing He is good at, Lying. Oh how he did a number on me after I said yes to God fully. If I had not started and kept with my daily reading, he would have won. Now I know how intimidating the Bible can be. So here is one thing I did as I grew in my Bible reading “skills.” I Googled scriptures. I would use the search engine for truth now instead of feeding into the enemies lies. I would type in “ Bible scriptures for -——-. My blank would range from guilt, to fear, to self worth, to Gods forgiveness, and more. Basically whatever lie came for me in that moment I had Gods truth at my fingertips. I also read my Bible daily for 10 minutes. As I stuck to it, God showed me many wonderful insights. One time even after prayer, God sent me to the book Jeremiah. He did this after I belted out “Jeremiah was a bullfrog”. I quickly turned to Jeremiah and found the answer to my prayer as I read. Getting comfortable with the Bible takes time but it begins with a determination to start. This leads me to the third must do.
Praying is vital to our healing and remaining restored. I have an acrostic for prayer given to me by a dear friend. I would love to share it with you today.
P- Praise. Before asking God for anything or lamenting to Him, praise Him for His goodness.
R- Repent. Take this time daily to seek Gods forgiveness in any way you need. It’s here we need to be honest with God about our human mistakes, otherwise they can become a wall. We must walk daily in repentance allowing the blood of Jesus to do what it is meant to do, wash us clean.
A- Ask. This is where we get to tell God what we want! It’s where we boldly get to request things of God. Be careful here though, as I have had to learn to be careful. Make sure you are praying in His will and not your own. God grants the desires of our hearts, but when we surrender to God we also surrender our will. We should now only want Gods will for our life. Psalm 37:4, “Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” When we delight in God we will start to automatically desire His will over ours. This automatic transformation however takes time. Praying daily for Gods will in our life is the best ask we can ever ask! This isn’t to say Gods answer will be a yes. Sometimes it’s a no, or a wait. Only God knows and only time will tell. So while you are asking for what you want, also ask for what you need. The Holy Spirits supernatural strength to hold on.
Y- Yield! This is the time we take to be quiet and listen to God. It’s the time we allow God to now speak. It’s also us daily yielding to Gods will and resisting the temptation to go out and do things in our own.
Pray daily and often during the day. It’s the best way other than Gods word to connect with God. I have learned these two go hand in hand.
Healing is more than possible with God it’s probable. Restoration by God is one of the greatest things we can ever be given. We all know by now that life will always be life. It’s time to learn that God will always be God. I want that for you. I don’t know who or what you have lost, or how, but I do understand true grief. I also understand your propensity to think I couldn’t possibly understand your grief. And you’re probably right, it’s your own. However I do understand finding light again. I understand waking up each day and for a split second forgetting how life has changed. How that hopeful feeling first thing quickly turns to hopelessness. I understand the anger and rage that can take over anytime it pleases. I also understand that at some point those first moments in the morning begin to last longer. I understand that in time hopeless can turn to hopeful. Giving, surrendering all of our feelings to God is the place to start. I pray you begin your healing journey with God today.
Need any more help or prayer I’m only a message away.

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