Finding Our Way Out Of The Wilderness…

Yesterday on my Instagram account (iamfortheone) I shared about a little town in Italy. It is having to rescue drivers because they are trusting their GPS and getting stuck while trying to get to their destination. How this corresponds to the Israelites and their journey to their Promised Land. That though their journey was tough, though they got stuck, that didn’t mean they were headed in the wrong direction. Asking this question, “Does a rough road have to mean we are headed the wrong way?” There’s also something else happening in the Israelites story however.

That little town I mentioned has begun putting up signs all around their town, warning tourists of danger taking certain roads or paths. Warning them this would get them stuck and prolong their trip. However, even when they don’t listen and get stuck, they will still rescue them.

It was the same with the Israelites. What should have been an 11 day trip (Dueteronmy 1:2-3) took 40 years! Why? Fear! Moses had 12 men go for 40 days and spy on the land of Canaan and brig back certain knowledge of the land and it’s people. Agricultural knowledge, the strength of its people, it’s civic organizations, and forestry conditions. He also asked them to have a positive outlook and bring back some produce from the land. I think Moses did that last thing to wet the appetite of those he was leading. To get them hungry for what they were being led to. To entice them to do what was going to be asked of them no matter what. In Numbers 13:31-33 we see the men come back with a doom and gloom report. One of, “we can’t do this. We will fail. They are too strong, we are too weak.” In doing this fear keeps them and the others from stepping out in faith and taking what God had already promised them. Fear keeps them trapped in the wilderness for 40 years! Even then God still provided. God still rescued. God still delivered.

I know fear has caused me to take far too many wrong roads. It’s kept me from taking far too many paths I was meant to. Causing me years of being lost. Lost in overthinking, over questioning, and a lack of understanding. Never sure of where I was meant to be going. Wandering around my own wilderness not even really knowing I was lost. It’s funny how sometimes we don’t know we’re lost until we are found. I have always found it interesting how at 40 years of age, my life fell completely apart, and I could no longer allow fear to rule my life! I take it as God telling me I had been on that mountain long enough, and it was time to come down. (Deuteronomy 1:6) And the last almost 4 years, God has been helping me to break away from the camp I had set up in the land of fear. To see that He already has promises for me. I just can’t see them all yet. And some I have seen the last few years. It’s been an amazing Journey of self discovery and discovering God genuinely and truly for the first time. Dropping my superficial relationship with Him, for the real thing!

How about you today? Can you say you are trusting your God Protection Services. (GPS) Or are you second guessing what God has already said He would do and what you are capable of. By far one of my favorite things I’ve discovered the last few years is my strength! How strong God really created me to be. Have you tapped in to your supernatural strength yet? Are you following signs God is sending you? Or are you still wandering like I did for far too many years? Getting stuck, and in need of rescuing? There is no shame in admitting you need help! It’s far better to call out to be rescued, than to stay stuck forever in our choices. Never seeing or experiencing what has meant to be our own promised land all along!

Here’s the best news ever! No matter how you answer the above question, Gods got you! Just like He had the Israelites with Mana and water from a rock, He’s got you too! He’s been having my back and I know He’s got yours! His promises are for anyone and everyone who is willing to take Him up on them! There is nothing other than unwillingness that can keep you or I from Gods promises!

If you’re still wandering around your own wilderness sacred, God has not deserted you. If you’re just beginning to step out in faith, God is right there with you! If you’re in the middle and it seems harder than you thought it would be, God is still fighting for you! This is where I find myself today, in the middle. Sometimes questioning the length of time somethings are taking. Here is how I handle that, I am honest with God about it. No longer pretending I’m ok, or I have more faith than I do. I sit down with God and simply talk about my feelings. Asking Him my questions. I want you to know it is ok to have questions. Allow them however to bring you closer to God not drive you further away from Him.

And please know this too! No matter where you are today, you can count on God to see you through! To bring you through! No matter if it’s been 4 days, 4 weeks, 4 years, or 40 years, God can still get you to where He wants to lead you. I would recommend however trusting Him sooner rather than later. I know from experience it will save you from a lot of unnecessary travel time. I have not always been one to adhere to the signs given me, taking way longer to find my way. I’ve also learned to listen better to God, and seen how that has saved me from going down a wrong path.

I’m happy to say that fear has lost a lot of control over me. Yes I still have fear. And somedays I’ll admit it can still win out for a bit. But my stronger than ever relationship with God, gets me back on track much sooner now. It hasn’t been an easy journey, finding my way back after almost total destruction, but that doesn’t mean I am not going the right way. It means that what God is leading me to is worth fighting for with Him.

I believe with all my heart the same is true for you. No matter what sign you ignored, no matter what path you took, God is ready to rescue you and get you going the right way! No longer a slave to fear, but a champion of Christ!

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