Living Again After Loss

Can anyone truly understand pain? Even if they are going through it or have. Can anyone really understand the amount of grief that a mind, heart, and body can bare? How in an instant it feels as if your heart has been ripped in half. The way your body can go limp as if every…Read more »

What If It’s My Fault, Then What?

I know God goes with me when I am living within His will, following His commandments. I know that if God sends me to it, He will get me through it. I know that God will rescue me when I’m living out His way for me. It’s there in His word. Exodus 33:14 “The Lord…Read more »

Here We Go…

It’s here! The beginning of a new year! 365 days lie ahead of us. Do you have any idea what you’ll do with yours? It can be overwhelming can’t it, trying to figure out what lies ahead of you from day one? Good news, you or I don’t have to have anything figured out. We…Read more »